Choosing an electric towel: more powerful is not always better
TOP 10 hand dryers, how to choose the right dryer
Types of hand dryers A wall-mounted electric towel for the bathroom completes hand hygiene by drying with a stream
air washing pros and cons
The best air washers: reviews from doctors and buyers
The quality of indoor air directly affects the health of household members. Its main parameters
Rating of the best air ozonizers: descriptions, advantages and disadvantages, reviews, price
AirTec XJ-110 Average price - 1,750 rubles. Characteristics: air ionization power 1 W Selection
How to choose a humidifier with ionizer
What is an ionizer? An air ionizer is a device that improves indoor air, enriching
Ultrasonic sterilization of manicure instruments
Ultrasonic sterilization of manicure instruments Trimming manicures should be performed exclusively with sterile instruments in order to reduce
The best sterilizers for baby bottles
With the birth of a child, every family is faced with a huge number of issues related to care and feeding.
Ozonizer diagram
The best ozonizers and water isonizers for the home: rating of quality models in 2021 (top 5)
These two devices are quite similar to each other, not only in appearance, but also in
Which massager is better for the neck and shoulders?
Top 5 popular neck and shoulder massagers: tested on myself. Reasons to
Glasperlene sterilizer for manicure instruments: reviews, instructions, how to use, price
Application of glasperlene sterilizers in dentistry
What is a Glasperlene sterilizer and how does it work? A Glasperlene sterilizer is a device that
Household radiation dosimeter: which one is better, how to choose, rating 2021
Rating of the best dosimeters for 2021
Types and types of dosimeters The dosimeter is designed to ensure the safety of human health. It determines the level
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