How to use the Atlant washing machine?

Advantages and disadvantages of washing units

The Atlant washing machine has both positive and negative sides. The positive aspects include the following:

  • the washing machine has a moderate cost;
  • The Atlant washing machine is adapted to work in conditions of low-quality electricity and water supply;
  • In terms of reliability, the Atlant washing machine is not inferior to popular models from global companies;
  • The quality of washing is not inferior to the best foreign analogues. According to the existing classification, the Atlant washing machine is produced only in class “A”;
  • The Atlant washing machine is multifunctional. The software provides many functions allowing you to perform washing of any complexity;
  • The Atlant washing machine is designed for various categories of users. It has a very simple control scheme. The display and indication allow you to control the work process. The program menu is Russified;
  • During operation, the Atlant washing machine does not create increased noise. It is not ideal, but sufficient so as not to disturb the comfort of the apartment’s inhabitants;
  • Most models are economical. First of all, this applies to energy consumption indicators. However, not every Atlant washing machine is economical, and when purchasing, you need to be careful when choosing a model;
  • Models are produced that can be placed in small apartments. The depth of such machines does not exceed 32 cm;
  • the machine is easy to operate and can last for many years without repair;
  • the machine is protected against unauthorized access by children;
  • easy to repair, spare parts can be found in many shopping centers;
  • The machine has a function that starts working automatically when the drum is loaded. It is used to determine the weight of the loaded laundry.

Negative sides:

  • The machine does not work well during the spin cycle. The waste liquid is discharged according to the class “D” standard, and this is one of the lowest indicators. The laundry does not dry completely. In addition, in some models the spin process causes significant vibrations of the entire body. This often leads to the unauthorized movement of the unit from its previous installation point;
  • motors are used only of the commutator type. They are inferior in durability and efficiency to inverter models. And this leads to additional energy consumption;
  • The machine does not have a foam sensor. This can lead to flooding and a number of other breakdowns;
  • design flaws. For example, opening a hatch causes water to splash onto the floor. Due to insufficient density, debris may get trapped between the drum and the fins.

In addition, the car has other minor but unpleasant shortcomings.

Washing program “Hand wash/Hand”

“Hand wash” program for very thin and delicate items made of silk, wool, linen, viscose. To use this program, the care label on the product must have a hand wash or delicate icon. The drum in this mode will rotate gently and slowly at low water temperatures.

By default, the program can set the following settings: temperature mode – 30°C (can be adjusted 20°C); The washing time depends on the model and the additional functions you choose.

The “Hand Wash” or “Manual” program is available in washing machines of the SMART ACTION/10, SOFT ACTION/5, SOFT ACTION/9, OPTIMA CONTROL/8, MULTI FUNCTION/7, MAXI FUNCTION/2 series.

Operating modes

You have to wash various things, even those that require delicate handling when removing dirt manually. The software allows you to work with things made from various fabrics, wool and even leather.

Setting a particular function indicates the following types of washing:

  • cotton. This could be bed linen, towels and other everyday items. Water temperature can range from 60 to 95 degrees. It depends on the density of the fabric and the model of the item. The duration of the process ranges from 90-150 minutes;
  • synthetic fabrics. They are subject to deformation and shedding. Therefore, the software function sets the water temperature not exceeding 60 degrees. The process time is set within 110 minutes, and the spin is set to intense;
  • delicate. This mode allows you to process items made of silk, wool, cashmere and other fabrics. The process occurs at a water temperature of 40 degrees and lasts within 55-60 minutes. The drum rotates slowly and the spin is turned off;
  • preliminary. This mode is used when there is heavy contamination. To do this, the machine performs a pre-wash first and then a main wash. Before starting this function, it is necessary to pour powder into the second compartment of the dispenser;
  • intense. The operation of this function is accompanied by a liquid temperature of 95 degrees and a working process time of 120 minutes. It is used in cases where there is dirt, sand or very old stains on things;
  • fast. This treatment removes unpleasant odors and minor stains. It resembles a simple rinse. The process occurs at a water temperature of 30-40 degrees for 15-40 minutes;
  • baby clothes. This mode is used to process delicate baby items (diapers, baby vests, onesies). This consumes a large amount of water. This is designed to completely rinse off any remaining detergent. The time for removing powder residues is about 1.5 hours;
  • sports things. The process of this mode allows you to process all types of sportswear, including various models of training suits. In addition, even many models of sports shoes can be washed;
  • combined. This mode allows you to wash items without pre-sorting. The main thing is that among them there are no clothes that can fade;
  • night In order not to disturb the silence of the night, the mode provides for turning off all types of alarms and reducing noise during spinning;
  • "Biophase" mode. Very often, organic and protein stains left by wine, creams, blood, herbs and other substances can appear on clothing. It is very difficult to remove such stains. They can be removed in combination with powder and the appropriate enzyme in the “Biophase” mode;
  • easy ironing. This feature turns on a low spin cycle, so your clothes come out somewhat damp. This condition of clothes makes ironing easier;
  • rinsing. This mode cleans clothes from residual soap suds. Detergents are removed not only from the surface, but also from the internal structure of fabrics;
  • spin The disadvantages of this regime have already been noted. Therefore, in order for the laundry to come out as dry as possible, there is an option to turn on a second spin, which lasts within 5 minutes.

Program overview

Proper use of a washing machine requires careful study of all washing modes. This is necessary in order to correctly set the program depending on the type of fabric and intensity of contamination.

The most budget Atlant models have at least 15 special modes that allow you to select the optimal washing parameters.

The software of Belarusian machines allows you to work with things made from different fabrics, wool, and even natural and artificial leather. A detailed description of the programs, as well as additional options, is presented in the instructions for the equipment. Let's briefly talk about the main washing modes found on Atlant machines.

  • Cotton. The program is ideal for washing bed linen, cotton items, towels, etc. You can select the degree of water heating - from 30°C to 90°C. The duration of the cycle ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 hours.
  • Synthetics. Such fabrics are easily deformed and subject to shedding. Therefore, in this mode the liquid is heated to a maximum of 60°C; you can also choose 40°C. The program takes approximately 2 hours to complete, spinning at maximum speed.
  • Delicate. Mode for washing clothes made of silk, satin, cashmere and other “sensitive” fabrics. The cycle lasts about an hour, the water warms up to 40 degrees. Spinning is not provided, the drum rotates slowly and gently.
  • Prewash. It starts when things are very dirty. The machine will start the preparatory wash first and then the main wash. It is important not to forget to pour the powder into the second section of the tray.
  • Intensive wash. Suitable for clothes made of durable fabrics that are not subject to deformation. The water is heated to 95°C, the cycle lasts 2 hours. It starts when you need to remove old or difficult to remove stains from your laundry.
  • Express wash. Suitable for lightly soiled clothing. Treatment allows you to refresh things and cope with odors. Washing lasts from 15 to 45 minutes. Temperature range – 30-40°C.
  • Baby clothes. The program is ideal for washing “baby” accessories – diapers, panties, undershirts. The water warms up to high temperatures. A long rinse is also provided to completely wash away the powder particles.
  • Sport. The mode was created for processing suits and sets for sports training. Sneakers and sneakers can also be thrown into the drum for cleaning.
  • Combi wash. When running this program, you don’t have to pre-sort your laundry. Suitable for both cotton and synthetic fabrics. But you still need to monitor the color of things to prevent light-colored clothes from staining.
  • Night wash. Provides for turning off all sound signals, reducing noise and vibrations.
  • Biophase. The mode starts if an organic or protein stain is placed on the fabric, namely from wine, cosmetics, plants, etc. It is very difficult to remove it, but using this program and enzyme, it is quite possible.
  • Easy ironing. A weakened spin cycle is assumed, as a result of which the clothes remain slightly damp, which makes subsequent ironing easier.
  • Rinsing. Things are cleaned of any remaining soap solution. Detergent compounds are removed not only from above, but also from inside the fabric fibers.
  • Spin. If at the end of the program the laundry is very damp, you can start spinning again. The process will last approximately 5 minutes.

Before using the washing machine, it is better to carefully study the instructions and understand the characteristics of each mode. You should also understand what additional options and features are available in your Atlanta. This will help achieve maximum washing effect.

Preparing for work

After a general introduction, it’s time to answer the question - how to use the Atlant washing machine.


In order for the unit to last longer, it is necessary, first of all, to study the procedure for preparing it for operation. First you need to properly connect to the electrical network, water supply and sewerage.

  1. connection to the electrical network. First you need to make sure that the network parameters meet the current standard. First of all, this relates to the voltage level. If it differs from the passport conditions, then you need to think about installing a stabilizer. Otherwise, the machine may quickly fail. If the machine is connected via an extension cord, then you should remember that it must withstand power in the range of 2500-3000 W;
  2. connection to the water supply network. Everything is simple here. Typically a plumbing tee is used for this. You just need to take into account that a cleaning filter and faucet must be installed along the flow of water. The length of the water hose does not matter;
  3. sewer connection. To drain water, you can use two options: temporary or permanent connection. For temporary drainage, use a bathtub, sink or washbasin. For this, a special hose is used, the end of which resembles a hook. In this case, the height of rise of drain water should be within 60-90 cm.

For a permanent connection, a special intermediate drain siphon or the sewer siphon itself can be used. Connection diagrams are given in the operating instructions. It is very important to maintain the recommended distances when installing the drain. Otherwise, the water will not drain, or dirt from the drain hose may get inside the working housing.

Preparing the machine for washing

The quality of washing will depend on the correct choice of program and detergents. The mode is selected by turning the corresponding knob or pressing the required key. Typically, preparation for washing occurs in the following order:

  • load the laundry item. It should be remembered that the door must be tightly closed;
  • fill the appropriate dispenser cells with powder, bleach or rinse aid;
  • press the power button;
  • set the selected required operating mode;
  • press the “Start/Pause” button.

The work process will be reflected on the display. The software interface is written in Russian. Therefore, it is not difficult to control the workflow. The end of the work process is accompanied by an audible alarm.

Review of Atlant washing machine models of different series


The compact machine is the 45Y82 series, the depth of which reaches 40 cm, and the centrifuge operates at a speed of 800 rpm. Model 45Y82 is very popular due to its reasonable price and high quality.

Operation is facilitated by the presence of electronic controls with the ability to display on a digital display. This indicator displays information about the time until the wash is completed, water temperature, speed intensity, and additional functions.

Atlant 45Y82

In the 45Y82 washing machine you can set a delayed start for up to 24 hours. There is also a pre-soak program for particularly dirty items.

The washing program allows you to select the number of spin speeds, select the water temperature, and turn on an additional rinse.

Detailed information can be found in the instructions for use of the Atlant washing machine, supplied with the machine.


Narrow (about 32 cm deep), but quite roomy (up to 3.5 kg of laundry) and powerful (1000 rpm) washing machine of the 35M102 series. Energy efficiency and washing class - A, which characterizes it as an economical but highly functional model.

Atlant 35M102

Equipped with electronic control and segment information display. Model 35M102 has up to 15 programs programmed, including hand wash, delicate spin, and express wash.

It has a wide range of additional functions, such as delayed start or stopping the cycle without draining the water.

The instructions also note that to prevent damage to sewer pipes, it cools the drained water to 60 degrees.


The 45Y102 series washing machine is very convenient for small bathrooms. It is narrow (about 40 cm deep), roomy (up to 4.5 kg of laundry) and powerful (1000 rpm). It is an extremely economical option, as it corresponds to class A for energy efficiency and washing. Its advantage over other models is its removable top cover with subsequent integration into the kitchen set.

Atlant 45Y102

The operating instructions for the Atlant washing machine indicate that it is equipped with a foam sensor and intelligent electronic control. The 45Y102 model has up to 10 programs programmed, including washing woolen and delicate items, and express washing.

It has a wide range of additional functions, such as delayed start or temperature selection. Upon completion of work, it gives a characteristic sound signal.


The maximum depth of the machine of the 50C102 series is 49 cm, the volume of laundry it can hold is 5 kg. The spin speed of this model is very high - 1000 rpm. It is an extremely economical option, as it corresponds to class A for energy efficiency and washing.

Atlant 50C102

Ease of use is explained by the presence of electronic control with a segment sensor. The model has up to 15 programs, including washing wool, synthetic and silk items, and sportswear.

Has a wide range of additional functions, such as soaking or light ironing.


One of the latest developments of Atlant JSC is a machine model 50Y107 Multi Function, which includes 15 main programs and 9 functions. Using these updated parameters, you can wash almost any item, even made from faux leather. If necessary, pre-soak or re-rinse modes can be set. To help housewives, the quick wash program has been improved, the maximum time of which is 35 minutes.

Atlant 50Y107

The model differs from previous versions due to the presence of a silent night wash, when the sound alert is turned off and the number of revolutions during centrifugation is reduced.

The machines are equipped with a new Aqua-Protect system (described in detail in the attached instructions), which protects against leaks. In the event of damage, operation stops and the water supply is blocked.

Atlant washing machines are an economical and functional option with high performance characteristics and the ability to carry out minor repairs on your own. Modern models are modernized and improved, which significantly improves their quality, while the price remains at a stable level.


In order for the Atlant washing machine to work as long as possible, it is necessary to follow the operating rules. They are simple, but the service life of the unit depends on them.


This procedure must be carried out regularly. It is advisable to carry out cleaning after completing each work process. To clean it safely, you should first disconnect it from the electrical network and close the water supply tap. Then thoroughly wipe all external surfaces. It is necessary to handle plastic and rubber parts only with a damp soft cloth. The contour seal can only be cleaned with a dry, soft cloth.

It is necessary to inspect the door seal, and if dirt has accumulated on it, this should also be removed. Then remove the dispenser tray and rinse its outer and inner parts under running warm water.

Carefully inspect the drum, and if there are rust stains left on it, transferred from clothing, they must be removed with means for cleaning stainless steel items. Do not use aggressive chemicals or abrasives for cleaning.

Cleaning filters in the water intake system

The machine has two filters: one in the supply hose, the other in the connecting pipe. They should be cleaned annually. It is necessary to rinse with a stream of running water using a brush.

Cleaning the pump filter

It is designed to protect the water path and pump from lint and threads torn from clothing. There may also be loose small objects in the drum, such as buttons or coins. The frequency of cleaning should be once every six months. In addition, the filter should be cleaned after each wash of fluffy items. To do this, you must first drain the water from the pump. Then remove the filter, remove debris from it and rinse with running water.

Some useful tips:

  • To prevent the machine from running away from its place during operation, and especially during spinning, it is recommended to place a rubber mat under it;
  • It is advisable not to use the maximum temperature mode. At high temperatures, scale may form. Especially if the water supply is of poor quality. To heat the water to the maximum temperature (90 degrees), additional time is needed. Considering that the power of the heating elements is 2500 W, during this time the contacts become very hot, which can lead to their overheating and, as a result, breakage. Frequent operation at elevated temperatures can also damage the relay in the heating element control circuit;
  • for the purpose of ventilation, after finishing washing, it is recommended to leave the loading hatch and the container for detergents open for a while;
  • Use only well-tested detergents.
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