Rating of the best beard and mustache trimmers

Are you growing a beard and are glad that you no longer have to shave your face every day? Great! However, no matter how much you would like it, even a beard requires some care. After all, negligence is attractive only when it only seems unkempt. Otherwise, you won’t be able to create a spectacular, stylish look. And here the beard trimmer will become a worthy companion! It will correct the growth line of the stubble on the face, allowing you to model the hair in the right places, making it somewhat shorter and giving it a neater look. The whole process will not take more than a few minutes. How to choose the perfect trimmer, what to focus on when buying it? We have already found the answers to all the questions, you just have to find out about them as soon as possible. Join us!

Why do you need a beard trimmer?

In the past, scissors or a razor were used to groom beards and mustaches. Possession of them required certain professional skills, in connection with this, barbershops appeared - men's hairdressing salons. Trimming a beard with scissors takes a lot of time; in addition, the tool must be sterilized after use. Accordingly, the cost of such services is high. The trimmer replaced the scissors. This is a small electrical device that allows you to cut or trim your beard at one level. The level of the required length is set by one of many nozzles.

Rating of the best beard trimmers with an overview of models

If you need a machine to correct your mustache, cut your hair or trim your beard, then the user rating will help you choose a decent device.

Budget models

Machines that are optimal for home use.


Phillips MG 1100/16
The cost of the trimmer is about 2 thousand rubles. Due to its light weight, it can be used at home. The width of the stainless steel working blades is 21 mm. The knife part is made using DualCut technology (double sharpening). Power is supplied from AA batteries. Additional accessories include 3 comb attachments with a cutting range of 1-5 mm.


  • high-quality assembly;
  • rubberized body coating;
  • Can be used simultaneously with taking a shower.


  • a small number of nozzles;
  • lack of length adjustment function.
Vitek VT-2547BK
A device worth 1.5 thousand rubles. Powered by mains power and batteries. Equipped with 3 attachments for selecting haircuts in 10 positions. The battery lasts 45 minutes, which is enough to trim your mustache or beard.


  • practicality - can be taken on trips;
  • quickly gives vegetation a beautiful shape;
  • optimal number of nozzles;
  • cleaned by wet method;
  • Modes are easy to switch.


  • massiveness - weighs 0.5 kg;
  • Fully charges in 480 minutes.

Panasonic ER-GB40
Beard trimmer priced at 2.2 thousand rubles. features a variety of functionality. It works for 50 minutes without charging, but fully restores power in 8 hours. The set includes one plastic attachment, but the haircut can be adjusted in the range of 1-10 mm. The width of the knife is 25 mm.


  • uniform cutting;
  • high-quality elaboration of the curves of the neck and cheekbones;
  • compact dimensions;
  • light weight - 150 g;
  • minimum noise level.

Cons: Not suitable for thick hair.

Panasonic ER2403
A beard machine worth about 1.5 thousand rubles. designed for cutting with a range of 0.5-15 mm. Operates on AAA batteries for 40 minutes. The level selection is done during the process. The knife apparatus is made of stainless steel. The body is made of lightweight plastic. Supplied with comb and oil.


  • no cuts or damage;
  • good quality haircut;
  • lies comfortably in the hand;
  • compact dimensions;
  • can be taken on a business trip or travel;
  • cleaned wet.


  • blades without self-sharpening;
  • does not work on all batteries;
  • no hair lifting option;
  • fast heating of the case.

Middle price segment

Models with convenient functionality at an optimal price.


Remington MB4130 Beard Boss PRO
A machine with titanium knives for 3.2 thousand rubles. The curved body allows operation in any direction. The haircut is adjustable in 13 positions with or without an attachment. The model runs on mains or batteries and is suitable for trimming sideburns and mustaches. The trimmer is equipped with Capture Trim technology - serrated blades with a special shape. The length of the hair cut is 0.1-18 mm. Without charging, the machine works for 50 minutes. Supplied with brush and comb attachment.


  • the most precise haircut;
  • ease of operation in any direction;
  • ease of care - blades are washed in water;
  • non-slip base;
  • comfortable adjustment wheel.


  • inability to shave completely;
  • difficulty making a clear outline.

Moser 1040-0460 Classic A
The average price of a machine is 5.4 thousand rubles. The high-capacity NiMh battery provides operation for 80 minutes. The rotary motor makes 6000 revolutions per minute and is equipped with a microprocessor for speed support. The knife block is made of steel and can be easily removed. Cutting range - from 0.4 to 21 mm. The kit includes 1 nozzle, power adapter, brush and oil.


  • no skin irritation;
  • high-quality battery;
  • reliable assembly;
  • long battery life.


  • no storage case;
  • no battery charge indication;
  • cannot be used in the shower.

Conair i-Stubble
A machine with a patented rotating head for 5 thousand rubles. The power of the rotary motor is 7 W. The device operates autonomously for 45 minutes. Full charging occurs in 5 minutes. The cutting block is made of steel with titanium coating. The rounded blades are self-sharpening. The minimum length is 0.4 mm. The set includes a miniature trimmer-corrector, brush and oil.


  • follows the contours of the face;
  • accuracy and quality of mustache or beard care;
  • display showing the amount of charge;
  • use on hair of any thickness;
  • wide steel knives.

Cons: does not cut long beards - limited to 5 mm.

Philips BT7210 Series 7000
The trimmer, which costs an average of 4.6 thousand rubles, has a vacuum suction mechanism. The Lift&Trim mechanism ensures lifting of hair and placing it under the blade apparatus. Self-sharpening blades are made of stainless steel. Cut adjustment - up to 0.5 mm. The battery lasts 80 minutes without charging. The design also includes a container for collecting cut hair.


  • quick haircut in one motion;
  • easy cleaning and rinsing of the knife;
  • long-term operation;
  • high-quality treatment of facial hair.

Cons: Pulls hairs if the beard is too thick.

BaByliss E875E
Electric razor for 3.2 thousand rubles. intended for professional use. The cut length is 0.4-5 mm. Operates from mains or battery. The charging indicator is located on the case. In offline mode it cuts for 45 minutes. The body is made of durable plastic, the knives are made of stainless steel with chrome plating. It comes with one attachment, but cutting is possible in 15 positions.


  • Suitable for styling short and long beards;
  • high-quality hair removal in hard-to-reach areas;
  • assembly reliability;
  • ease of use.


  • fragile clamping clamp;
  • no protection from moisture;
  • easy sliding of the body.

Premium models

The best and functional clippers that are suitable for contouring and cutting hair, mustaches and beards.

Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+
An electric razor made of stainless steel, which costs about 75 thousand rubles. Works for 4 hours without recharging, 60 minutes on battery. Indication of charge and start of operation is shown on the display. The cut length varies from 0.4 to 13 mm. It comes with 22 items, including attachments for ear and nose hair removal and a charging unit. Self-sharpening blades, rounded.


  • hull strength;
  • durability;
  • versatility of use;
  • Beautiful design.


  • The kit does not include a T-shaped nozzle;
  • low power;
  • you need to put in more effort and perform more actions while cutting.

Philips Styleshaver QS6141
A waterproof trimmer with a charging stand will cost 6.6 thousand rubles. The model with a pitch of 0.5 mm and a double-sided knife operates in autonomous mode for 75 minutes. The body is metal, the knife has rounded edges. The cut is performed in 12 positions, adjustment is performed with a wheel.


  • versatility - suitable for trimming mustaches and beards;
  • wet cleaning system;
  • fast charging;
  • can be used as a razor.


  • discontinued and rarely available for sale;
  • without maintenance it becomes clogged and cuts unevenly.

Philips BT9290
Model for 8 thousand rubles. with a cutting range of 0.4-7 mm and a pitch of 0.2 mm. The blades have a self-sharpening function and are made of steel. A laser pointer is used to adjust the position of the knives. The trimmer is double-sided with side widths of 32 and 15 mm.


  • removing hair residues by washing;
  • perfect styling;
  • comfortable trimming of areas around the mouth and nose;
  • The razor does not need to be lubricated.

Cons: short operation without charging - 60 minutes.

Oster 59-84
Professional machine for 6 thousand rubles. Comes with 2 nozzles. The cut is adjustable in 3 positions from 0.5 to 3 mm. Power supply is from the network. The knife apparatus is removable, with good sharpening. The design of the model is in vintage style.


  • allows you to make a clear and neat outline;
  • double insulation system;
  • comfortable position in the hand;
  • good power;
  • reliable assembly.


  • does not operate on battery power;
  • few functions;
  • exposed to moisture.

How to choose the right beard and mustache trimmer

The appearance and high price of a beard and mustache trimmer are not a guarantee of quality. A powerful tool is not needed when used rarely and when trimming a sparse beard. To permanently model a thick beard, you should pay attention to more advanced models. Therefore, before you buy a beard trimmer, you should pay attention to the characteristics of the tool, equipment, type of power supply, and ergonomics.

A neat, quick and painless shave of the beard and mustache depends on the material from which the trimmer blades are made. Basically, all manufacturers use stainless steel, titanium alloy or ceramic-coated metal.

The most common option that you can buy is stainless steel due to its inexpensive price. Trimmers with titanium blades will last and remain sharp much longer than their predecessor. Ceramic coating will allow you to less often lubricate and sharpen the blades, while the cutting properties will be preserved. Despite all this, experts recommend trimmers with stainless steel blades for home use. And devices with titanium blades or ceramic coating are more suitable to buy for professional use in salons.

Regardless of the blade material, experts recommend buying a model with self-sharpening knives.

Most good, high-quality trimmers come with a set of attachments. These include length-adjustable attachments for shaving excess hair, creating complex shapes, cutting hair, and contour attachments for edging beards and mustaches, and many others.

The more attachments, the higher the price of the device.

When choosing a beard and mustache trimmer, experts recommend paying attention to the following additional options:

  • presence of a vacuum container. In beard trimmers with a vacuum system, the problem of cleaning is solved - the trimmer sucks all cut hairs from the beard and mustache into a special container, like a vacuum cleaner. Thanks to this, the device does not become clogged, and the clothes remain clean;
  • protection from moisture. This simplifies the process of cleaning the trimmer and allows you to rinse it right under the tap after processing your mustache and beard;
  • laser guidance. This option is found in expensive models from Philips, but it is what allows you to make your beard perfectly straight;
  • voltage switch. This option is relevant for people who often travel to other countries.

Before you buy a beard trimmer, you should read reviews about the manufacturer and the specific model, where users can advise what is best to buy. This will help to objectively assess the quality of materials, workmanship and possible service life of the device. Sometimes a comparison shows that budget trimmers from China last longer than beard trimmers from Germany.

Criterias of choice

For daily use, a regular budget trimmer will be sufficient.

The huge variety of models makes it difficult for modern users to choose. Razor accessories are produced by manufacturers in China, the USA and Europe. Which model should you choose so as not to lose in performance, shaving quality and longevity? The beard shaver must meet safety and reliability requirements. To evaluate the device in detail, you need to understand its technical component.


The beard and mustache trimmer in our rating of the best models has compact overall dimensions. The power adapter is designed for continuous operation of the machine for 60 minutes, provided it is well charged from the mains. When the facial shaver is not in use, the styler is ready for use after a 12-hour recharge. The design of the electronic accessory is designed in such a way that the power supply is located inside the case. Its weight does not make the device heavier at all.


The machine for removing hair from the nostrils of the nose and ears, cutting beards and mustaches remains operational for an hour of continuous operation thanks to a lithium-ion battery. The device is equipped with a AA battery, so it can be replaced later when it fails. A neat cover reliably covers the place in the case where the battery is installed.


The razor is equipped with high-quality stainless steel blades. Manufacturers produce trimmers assembled with several attachments for high-quality care of eyebrows, the area inside the ears, nose and beard. The blades remain sharp for 12 months. Intensive use of the device of inexpensive models after the specified period requires the purchase of new blades.

When choosing, give preference to the best beard and mustache trimmers from the rating, which have titanium-coated knives. The electronic accessory may seem expensive, but in the future you will not spend 40-30% of the total cost of the device on replacing blades. There are models that provide the ability to adjust the length of the blades. Sharp knives are coated with a special anti-corrosion coating, so they can be rinsed with water.


Use of nozzles of different lengths

The complete set of the machine for neatly trimming the beard and shaping the mustache requires the presence of different attachments. The most popular of them have different purposes and perform a specific function.

  1. When shaping a beard and trimming long stubble, straightening and removing individually protruding “antennas,” use the widest attachment of the selected accessory model. It allows you to remove excess length in an even layer, covering a fairly wide surface. After her work, small parts of the chin, face, and neck remain, which need to be worked with other replaceable elements.
  2. The beard shaver has an attachment with a smaller coverage of the working area. The width of the cutting head of the second attachment, intended for cutting hair, is smaller than the previous one, so it is used to adjust the shape of the beard, the cutting line in the area behind the ears, and along the base of the neck.
  3. For high-quality care of other areas of the face, where excess hair periodically appears inside the nose, “antennas” sticking out of the ears, safety razors are used. The round head of the trimmer is conveniently used to remove lint from the nasal mucosa, inside the ear, along with attachments for trimming and trimming the beard. The operating principle of this element is based on the rapid capture of hairs by a rotating mesh inside a cylindrical head. That part of the nose hairs that got into the electronic device - the trimmer - is cut off with sharp blades in the same way as beard stubble.
  4. The beard shaving and mustache contouring machine is equipped with a special attachment for plucking eyebrows. Outwardly, it looks like a combing brush, so with movements that imitate styling, you can cut off stray hairs with a razor with one blade, guiding the accessory along the growth of the eyebrows. Please note that the element is equipped with backlighting for precise movements.

Additional options

There are trimmers with laser

The razor kit with trimmer for trimming mustaches and beards includes additional options and elements:

  • a brush for washing the device under running water;
  • wire for connecting to the network;
  • The styler is controlled using a button on the side of the body. The light indicator notifies that the device is ready to operate in the “On” mode;
  • laser illumination guarantees an accurate haircut result;
  • Each kit contains oil for lubricating the cutting elements.

Types of beard and mustache trimmers

A wide variety of beard and mustache trimmers on the market makes it possible to choose the right one, taking into account all the requirements and requests of a man.

According to the type of power supply, all trimmers are divided into three types:

  1. The corded beard trimmer will ensure stable operation for the required time, as it operates from an electrical network. The disadvantage of such a device is the inability to work autonomously in a room without an outlet.
  2. The cordless beard and mustache trimmer can be used anytime, anywhere. It does not require an outlet as long as the battery has charge. The downside of such a tool is its limited operating time - one charge lasts for an average of 30-40 minutes.
  3. The hybrid beard trimmer is powered by mains and battery. This combination makes these models ideal for travel.

The next division of trimmers is based on the configuration; here it is necessary to take into account all the features of working with a beard and mustache.

All manufacturers presented distinguish several types according to their configuration:

  • trimmers with the ability to work not only with beards and mustaches, but also with body hair;
  • attachments that allow you to remove excess eyebrow thickness, as well as trim the hair on your head like a machine;
  • trimmers to remove hair from nose and ears;
  • groomers for hard-to-reach places on the body;
  • trimmers with a universal set of attachments with a maximum number of functions;
  • a mini-trimmer with little functionality, lightweight and compact in size;
  • Illuminated trimmers will allow you to achieve an even, clear line for trimming your beard and mustache even when there is insufficient light in the room.

Each of the options is designed for a narrow area of ​​work with a specific area of ​​the body and is equipped in accordance with it. Only universal models will cope with most of the tasks.

There is also a division of trimmers according to shaving method:

  1. Trimmers for dry shaving. Floating knives, which are included in most configurations, are responsible for shaving the beard and mustache. These trimmers do not require the use of shaving products, but there is a risk of irritation and dry skin.
  2. Trimmers for wet shaving. The waterproof design allows you to straighten your beard using shampoo or shaving product right in the shower. The advantages of this type are smooth shaving of the mustache to zero, moisturizing the skin, cleaning the blades with running water. The disadvantage of these models is the inability to work without water and cosmetics.

What is the difference between a trimmer and a machine?

The purpose of a trimmer is different from a standard clipper. The smallest attachments in a hair cutting kit cannot compare with the capabilities of the trimmer's constituent elements. Thanks to the minimal dimensions of the cutting components and the varied, safe shape of the rounded head, the face trimmer is more functional than a shaving machine. It is intended for haircut correction - shaving places:

  • behind the ears;
  • on the chin;
  • at the base of the neck;
  • along the mustache line above the upper and under the lower lip;
  • aligning the line on the temples and sideburns.

Until recently, men's daily grooming routine was limited to shaving and a neat haircut. At home, we borrowed tweezers from women’s kits, which are used to quite painfully pull out hair from the nose and ears. There was no talk of eyebrow correction. Today, special devices have been invented that can help you maintain a neat appearance at home.

Among all kinds of devices, the machine stands out for its versatility. The trimmer is very similar in principle to working with hair machines.

Just ten minutes spent with the best mustache and beard trimmer in front of the bathroom mirror will leave you looking like you've just had a professional barber service. Despite the fact that the hair clipper and shaving machine, which has proven itself in the care of short hair, has a sufficient number of attachments, you should not equate the degree of sophistication and accuracy of work with the new analogue.

The mustache trimmer performs the main function of maintaining the decorative shape of the hairstyle and preserving the silhouette. The ability to precisely remove stubble fibers allows you to achieve a clearly defined mustache line, beard pattern under the lower lip and sideburn line using a functional shaving machine.

With age, long, coarse hairs appear in the nostrils and ears. These are not small villi that serve as protection against dust and block the path of infection into the nose. Due to changes in hormonal levels, coarse hairs grow especially quickly and look aggressive and sloppy (“antennae”). Using one of the trimmers' hair removal and shaving attachments removes hair easily.

Men experience hair growth in the area between the eyebrows. If the hair is not black, then this place does not cause much of a problem. If they are black, then the impression of fused eyebrows is created. To keep your face area in order and look not only fashionable, but also neat, you need to monitor the area between your eyebrows using another attachment of a professional mustache and beard trimmer.

  1. Structurally, a shaving machine differs from a smaller device not only in overall dimensions, weight, but also in the location of the blades: the distance, respectively, for a trimmer is 0.5 mm, for a razor - 1 mm. If on the head a haircut length of 1-2 mm looks normal, then on the face it is called unkempt stubble.
  2. An effective styler not only carefully removes stubble, but also works delicately and almost painlessly. Thanks to the close spacing of the shaving blades, hair is cut without pulling on the skin. As a result, trimming a beard and mustache and removing lint from the space between the eyebrows with a trimmer is safer, since it does not leave microcracks and does not create irritation.
  3. The trimmer head has a smooth surface, the blades are hidden, since its purpose is to work along the nasal mucosa and inside the ear. The nozzle gently grabs the hairs and pulls them out sharply. Everything happens very quickly, before the person reacts by sneezing and mucus flowing from the nose.

Review of the TOP 5 best beard and mustache trimmers - rating 2020-2021

Philips One Blade

Philips One Blade is the best and most popular beard trimmer according to customer reviews.

This is a new product from a Dutch company that quickly became a sales leader. A trimmer for home use that will help you easily trim your hair, give clear lines to your mustache and beard, and also cope with even the coarsest and longest stubble. Shaving has become even more comfortable and safer thanks to the rounded ends of the blades and a special coating. Hair of any length and stiffness is easily shaved with knives, the speed of which is 200 movements per second. The double-sided blade shaves in any direction without irritating the skin, as it does not fit tightly to it. The Philips One Blade is sealed so you can shave with makeup and then easily clean the beard and mustache trimmer under running water. With active use, blades should be replaced once every 4 months.

The Philips One Blade comes with a universal comb attachment. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it provides a choice of 14 length settings - from 0.4 mm to 10 mm.

The lithium-ion battery is responsible for the operating time. It provides operating time of up to 90 minutes, and the full charge recovery time is 1 hour. The trimmer is equipped with a digital LED screen that shows how much charge is left. While shaving, the trimmer beeps to warn you that the battery is low. This model independently selects the voltage type of 100-240 V, which allows you to safely take it on trips and not worry about your appearance. The kit also includes a charging stand and case.

You can buy a trimmer for 5,500 rubles.

Braun Bt3020

Braun Bt3020 is a representative of the German company Braun. Many residents prefer to buy this trimmer to shape their beard and mustache at home. The ergonomics of the case makes the presented model very comfortable and reliable to use.

The comb attachment included in stores has twenty precise settings. This allows you to choose the desired length from 1 mm to 10 mm and constantly maintain a stylish beard and mustache, correct stubble and maintain your image. To leave longer stubble, just remove the attachment and give your beard crisp lines.

Ultra-sharp blades made of stainless steel can handle hair of any type and length without any extra effort.

This beard and mustache trimmer has a waterproof body and a washable head and comb. This allows you to use the trimmer in the shower and use cosmetics. To clean it, just rinse it with running water.

Stable operation is ensured by its own battery. Its supply is enough for 40 minutes of continuous use. The battery is fully charged in 10 hours. The LED indicator will indicate the charge status.

You can buy it in stores for 3,000 rubles.

Moser ProMini

Moser is a line of professional trimmers designed to care for scalp hair, as well as shape beards and mustaches.

The popular Moser ProMini model is equipped with a steel blade block made in Germany. The Star Blade 2's precision blade grinding technology produces a super-clean 0.4mm pitch. The main advantage of this block is its quick change. Thanks to it, the procedure for cleaning and lubricating the instrument has become incredibly simple. The speed of the motor during operation remains unchanged, regardless of the state of charge of the battery and the stiffness of the bristles.

This trimmer is equipped with a high-performance lithium-ion battery that allows you to work for 75 minutes. And the fast charging feature gets you to a full battery from scratch in just 45 minutes. It is also possible to operate from mains power if the battery is completely discharged.

Moser ProMini is very lightweight - it weighs only 120 g. This allows you to take it with you on any trip and trim your beard and mustache not only at home.

The price of the model is 7,200 rubles.

Babyliss E820PE

Babyliss E820PE is an inexpensive trimmer that can maintain a man’s impeccable image. It is equipped with a vibration motor, designed not only for processing beards and mustaches, but also for removing hair in the nose and ears, and can also be used to cut hair on the head.

The 5 attachments included in the kit create a wide cutting range - from 1.5 to 12 mm.

Stainless steel knives do not require sharpening during the entire period of use of this trimmer. The sealed case allows you to wash it under running water, and the power of the built-in battery lasts for half an hour without recharging.

The trimmer comes with not only attachments, but also a comb and scissors, which makes trimming your beard even more convenient.

You can buy this beard and mustache trimmer for 2,200 rubles.

Wahl Detailer

Wahl Detailer is a top seller.

This American beard trimmer is made of high quality steel. The cutting stroke is only 0.4 mm. Thanks to such a small cut, it is ideal for contouring work in difficult places and achieving perfect beard edging. The T-shaped knife block allows you to configure it in such a way that the stroke is zero. All this makes this beard trimmer unique in achieving the perfect fade - a smooth transition from the scalp to any desired hair length.

The rotary motor installed on the Wahl Detailer produces 5000 rpm and is powered. The beard and mustache trimmer is very quiet and has low vibration levels. Convenience and weight of 190 grams will not allow the hand of the master to get tired for a long time. The package includes:

  • professional spiral wire;
  • a device that will help you adjust the knife block;
  • nozzles 1.5, 3, 4.5 mm;
  • cleaning kit – brush and oil.

You can buy this beard and mustache trimmer in hardware stores, as well as on the manufacturer’s official website. Its price is 7,900 rubles.

The best models

Polaris PHC 3015RC - simple and reliable

This device is designed to change the shape and perform curly haircuts of the beard and mustache. Mechanical adjustment of hair length when cutting with a wide range and precision in millimeter steps makes it possible to experiment with style. The set includes nine attachments, including a mini razor for a smooth shave and a special addition for removing hair from the nose and ears.

The Polaris PHC 3015RC personal care home appliance will appeal to fans of dry shaving who do not need the body hair removal function. The device does an excellent job of modeling mustaches and beards: this is facilitated by the high quality of work and a variety of attachments.

The Polaris PHC 3015RC trimmer operates both from the mains and from the battery. 45 minutes of battery life is designed for 1-2 sessions, however, the device takes a long time to charge. However, the presence of an indication increases the comfort of its use.


  • type of power supply – mains and autonomous;
  • battery life – 45 minutes;
  • charging time – up to 8 hours;
  • battery type – Ni-Mh;
  • body – plastic;
  • equipment and attachments – charging stand, comb, oil for lubrication, cleaning brush and 9 attachments;
  • haircut length – 0.5-12 mm;
  • wet haircut with foam - no;
  • use in the shower - no;
  • washing knives under water - no;
  • blades are made of stainless steel;
  • country of origin: China.


  • presence of power and charging indicator;
  • a large number of attachments, including a mini razor;
  • high-quality work with neat lines;
  • the trimmer operates both on battery and mains power;
  • The kit includes oil and many useful accessories.


  • The device is intended for dry shaving only;
  • body hair removal is not provided;
  • long charging time, during which the device cannot work.

Braun MGK3080 – for professional shaving

This versatile 9-in-1 styling kit impresses with its wide range of possibilities. With its help, you can trim the contours of sideburns and mustaches, take care of your beard, and create fashionable haircuts. In addition, the trimmer is suitable for eliminating hair on the entire body.

The model has many advantages, among which 13 cutting length settings with a range from 0.5 to 21 mm should be highlighted. The housing, protected from moisture penetration, allows you to use the tool in the shower and do not only dry, but also wet (more delicate) haircuts.

The presented device is suitable for men who are looking for a universal trimmer for all occasions. The device removes excess hair on the face and body. The fast charging time and the presence of an indication will be appreciated by connoisseurs of 100% comfort.

The Braun MGK3080 operates on battery power for 60 minutes, and the same amount of time is spent charging the battery. For maximum convenience, the device is equipped with indicators.


  • power type – battery;
  • operating time – one hour;
  • charging time – 60 minutes;
  • battery type – Ni-Mh;
  • body – waterproof plastic;
  • equipment and attachments – cleaning brush, protective cover, Gillette machine and 7 attachments;
  • haircut length – 0.5-21 mm;
  • wet haircut with foam - yes;
  • use in the shower – yes;
  • washing knives under water - yes;
  • blades are made of stainless steel;
  • country of origin: China.


  • the trimmer is suitable for caring for the beard and mustache, ears, nose, body and bikini area;
  • there are a large number of cutting levels;
  • indication of switching on, discharging and charging the battery;
  • long operating time with fast charging;
  • can be used in the shower and with foam, gel;
  • The removable knife is convenient to clean under running water;
  • automatic voltage regulation.


  • high price;
  • The device does not provide vacuum collection of bristles;
  • No charging stand included.

Philips OneBlade Pro QP6510/20 – the most feature-rich model

Thanks to its movable heads, this mustache and beard trimmer carefully follows all the contours of the face, reducing irritation and pressure on the skin. The rubberized coating of the body guarantees a secure grip and protects your fingers from slipping. The result is high-quality care with a minimum of effort and time!

The trimmer is designed for dry and wet shaving. The first option is suitable for quickly removing hair without using cosmetics, and the second is for a smoother shave and moisturizing the skin.

The Philips OneBlade Pro QP6510/20 trimmer is the most portable device in today's review. This is a godsend for anyone who is often on the move, but wants to have an impeccable appearance under any circumstances. The model provides the possibility of dry and wet shaving, but has a minimum number of attachments - the optimal solution for conservatives who have already found their style.

The device is easy to use: there are indicators for turning on, charging and discharging, the removable knife can be washed separately from the device. Features automatic voltage selection, which reduces the risk of breakdown due to voltage surges.


  • power type – battery;
  • operating time – up to 60 minutes;
  • charging time – one hour;
  • battery type – Li-Ion;
  • body – plastic with rubberized coating;
  • equipment and attachments – two attachments;
  • number of length settings – 12;
  • haircut length – 0.5-9 mm;
  • wet haircut with foam - yes;
  • use in the shower – yes;
  • washing knives under water - yes;
  • blades are made of stainless steel;
  • country of origin: Indonesia.


  • suitable for dry and wet shaving;
  • provided indication;
  • rubberized coating of the body that prevents your hand from slipping;
  • automatic voltage selection during charging;
  • light weight (182 g);
  • charging speed.


  • The set includes only two nozzles;
  • The device is intended for facial care only.

Braun MGK3020 - an inexpensive trimmer for every day

The presented device effectively performs six tasks focused on facial and scalp hair care. It is suitable for beard styling, nose and ear hair removal, as well as fashionable hair cutting.

The Braun MGK3020 is designed for dry procedures only, but the removable knives can be washed under running water. The trimmer is affordable, but impresses with its wide range of length settings and five attachments included. Its main disadvantage is the 10-hour charging time from the mains.

The Braun MGK3020 trimmer can be recommended to men who need a budget device with wide functionality. Thanks to the attachments and convenient length adjustment, the device will free you from trips to the hairdresser and barbershop.


  • power type – battery;
  • battery life – 40 minutes;
  • charging time – up to 10 hours;
  • battery type – Ni-Mh;
  • body – plastic;
  • equipment and attachments – cleaning brush and 5 attachments;
  • number of length settings – 13;
  • haircut length – 0.5-21 mm;
  • wet haircut with foam - no;
  • use in the shower - no;
  • washing knives under water - yes;
  • blades are made of stainless steel;
  • country of origin: China.


  • the device is suitable for body and face care;
  • light weight – 260 g;
  • the lowest price of the trimmers presented in the review;
  • 13 options for adjusting the length of the haircut;
  • There is an LED indicator.


  • Only dry shaving is provided;
  • very long charging time.

In this article, you will find the most comprehensive list of the best beard and mustache trimmers for 2021.

How to trim your beard and mustache with a trimmer

To trim your facial hair, you need to follow a few tips:

  • all hairs are cut off as they grow;
  • first treat the cheeks and neck with the desired nozzle;
  • then trim the mustache from the center to one side and the other;
  • Next comes the turn of the beard - a large length is cut off with scissors, and then the remaining stubble is modeled with a trimmer;
  • at the end they make an edging, removing excess hairs with a trimmer.

It is recommended to do this dry, since when wet the hairs lay differently, only after drying the beard and mustache take their natural shape.

The best manufacturers and models

To make it easier for a man to decide which trimmer is best to choose for styling, shaving and trimming his beard and mustache, experts have compiled a rating of the best manufacturers of such devices. The top list includes the following global brands:

  1. AEG is a world-famous brand that is part of the Electrolux company. Trimmers from this manufacturer are reliable and high quality, demonstrating an ideal price-quality ratio.
  2. Philips is a popular brand that occupies a leading position in demand and popularity around the world. Trimmers are equipped with the latest functions and capabilities, so they can be used at home and in salons. Many models will work autonomously for up to 50-60 minutes.
  3. Moser is a German brand that produces high-quality shaving accessories and devices. Experts classify these trimmers as high-priced and professional equipment.

Three global brands today are actively developing and producing new models and improved modifications of machines and trimmers for shaving, cutting and modeling facial hair for men. Manufacturers offer inexpensive models for beginners, as well as professional devices for use in salons and hairdressers.


Where to buy a beard and mustache trimmer

You can buy a trimmer in hardware stores or order it for delivery. Several online stores with reasonable prices, guarantees and a large selection of trimmers:




How to sharpen a beard trimmer?

You can sharpen the blades of a beard trimmer using a professional set, a lathe, or a regular kitchen whetstone. The blades must be removed, polished with the available tool, and then put back in place. If you have no experience in sharpening, it is better to entrust this task to professionals.

How to lubricate a beard trimmer?

Before lubricating, the trimmer should be thoroughly cleaned of any remaining hair, then wiped with a damp cloth and apply one or two drops of oil. After this, you need to start the device to evenly distribute the lubricant. Wipe off any remaining residue with a dry cloth.

Which is better for a beard, a trimmer or a machine?

A trimmer is a special device for caring for a beard and mustache. The machine is needed to trim the hair on your head.

How to trim your beard with a trimmer?

It is recommended to trim your beard dry with a trimmer, so the shape will be as even as possible. You can also use a comb to run the trimmer over it.

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