How to turn a dilapidated and unsightly house into a modern and stylish one? The best option is to cover it with brick, the most popular facing material. The choice in favor of brick is due to its wide range of colors, durability, variety of textures and standard sizes. All this taken together makes it possible, using various design solutions and techniques, to make the facade of the house attractive and unique.

At the first stage, having decided on the brand of brick (silicate or ceramic), you should purchase it. It is best to contact a reliable and trusted company with this question, such as “Rabotyagi-Stroy”, which has been selling bricks for many years. Moreover, all supplied products have the necessary quality and safety certificates. And also the prices are significantly lower than factory prices.

Having decided on the material, you should calculate its quantity: for example, per 1 sq. m takes no more than 55 pcs. standard size bricks.

Now you can start the main work:

Treat the septic tank (wooden house) and arrange vents for ventilation of the house. buy a regular façade mesh as protection against rodents .

Create a foundation with waterproofing around the perimeter of the house.

Insulate the house from the outside: fill it with expanded clay (a budget option) or use any sheet insulation. The only condition is to abandon roofing felt, as it will not allow the house to warm up properly during the cold season.

Lay out the brick plinth, and the 1st row should be laid out “dry”, taking into account window and door openings.

Make a connection between the cladding and the wall - there should be a distance of no more than 60 mm between them. Regular 100mm nails are perfect for these purposes.

Direct masonry work using cement-sand mortar (1: 4). Using Portland cement without additives will prevent the appearance of efflorescence. In this case, the solution should not have a too liquid consistency, and the seams should not be made very thick - optimally 12 mm.


Every 2 rows of masonry, reinforce it with a special mesh or cut into pieces with steel wire. It is allowed to use concrete lintels or pieces of reinforcement in openings.

To ensure good ventilation of the house, the masonry should not be brought up to its eaves by 1 row. In this case, it must be driven from the bottom up, not forgetting to periodically check its verticality and horizontality with a building level.

It should be remembered that all work must be carried out in the warm season, when the masonry dries quickly and there is no need to protect it with polyethylene from rain and snow. For example, heavy rain can simply wash away the undried solution.

Thus, a brick-lined house will not only become aesthetically attractive, but also be quite durable and comfortable for many years.

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