Why does the refrigerator freeze poorly?

Diagnostics and troubleshooting

First, they check the voltage in the network, whether the door leaf is closed, whether there is a connection to the network, and only after that they begin a detailed search for the breakdown.

The reasons often lie in the following.

Defrost button enabled

Sometimes it is located inside the case; when loading the refrigerator with food, owners can accidentally press it. To fix the problem, turn it off and wait until the chamber’s cooling generation is restored.

Seal wear

In older household models, the problem is that the rubber seal wears out; it does not fit tightly to the door, and it also wears out or cracks in some places. First check the weak points of its fit; you may need to buy a new one.

Temperature sensor faulty

If it breaks, the information about the temperature inside the operating chamber will be distorted. It is enough to simply replace the device with a new one and check the functionality of the unit. In this case, the regulator should be set to maximum.

Engine overheating

If the unit works, but does not freeze well, you should check the engine. To do this, gently touch it with your hand; if it is hot, it is quite possible that the thermal protection has triggered. To eliminate this malfunction, simply disconnect the unit from the network for two to three hours, during which time it will have time to completely cool down.

If, thanks to such manipulations, the refrigerator began to operate normally, it means that air has stopped flowing to the motor. To eliminate such a problem in the future, you need to move it away from the wall and furniture, thus the circulation of air masses will be restored.

Many models of refrigerators, such as "", "Nord", "Atlant", "Biryusa", "Beco" are equipped with special clamps-limiters that are attached to the rear panel. The unit stands at the required distance from the wall.

It is important! Frequent overheating of the engine leads to its breakdown, therefore, repairs will be expensive.

The thermostat is broken

To diagnose this malfunction you will need a voltmeter. With its help, first check the voltage on the motor with the equipment turned on. If it is absent, you can determine that the problem lies in the thermostat.

The solution to this problem is to replace the motor; the new thermostat will supply voltage to ensure uninterrupted operation of the unit.

How to diagnose a breakdown yourself

Before calling a service center and calling a specialist to your home, you can try to diagnose it yourself and find the cause. If the problem is electrical and other systems, it will be easy to fix the problem yourself. If the repair involves a complex replacement of original elements, then you cannot do without the help of a specialist.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the following nuances:

  1. The freezing system may malfunction if the unit breaks down. Most often, damage occurs when operating rules are violated.
  2. The device may stop cooling if ice forms on the walls and doors of the chamber. This prevents the door from closing tightly and allowing warm air to enter. In this case, the ice block decreases in volume, and melt water begins to flow out of the refrigerator. To solve the problem, you need to defrost the equipment and take care of the door seal.
  3. You need to see if the defrost button in the refrigerator has been accidentally pressed. This situation often occurs when using some models.
  4. If there are problems with the temperature sensor, the system will not be able to record signals about increased values. In some cases, a part may need to be replaced (this work should be left to a professional).
  5. If the food does not freeze in the chamber, drops of ice do not appear on the walls, and the compressor is running, the problem lies in the thermostat. This device is responsible for the temperature in the system. It is impossible to replace the part yourself; the work must be performed by a specialist. The thermostat for the refrigerator should be selected not only by type, but also by the brand of the device (this should also be entrusted to a specialist).
  6. Often the reason for camera failure lies in the breakdown of the heating elements that regulate the cooling process. In this case, you need to defrost the refrigerator and check the operation of the heating elements.

Does not freeze well or slightly

The main reason why the refrigerator began to freeze poorly is damage to the thermostat. The device is checked using a tester. If there is no voltage when the refrigerator is turned on, then the part will need to be replaced.

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Other reasons why the system began to cool poorly: refrigerant leak, compressor breakdown, incorrect thermostat setting, minor problems.

The compressor hums, but the refrigerator does not freeze

If the engine stops pumping up the required pressure, you can hear the device humming and making strange sounds - hums and clicks that are not typical for a refrigerator. The compressor needs to be replaced; this procedure cannot be done on your own; you need to call a specialist. The cause of failure may also be overheating of the system due to prolonged use.

Lighting works but no cooling

A situation often arises in which the refrigerator functions externally (the light is on, the compressor is running), but there is no freezing. Such a breakdown can happen to any device (of various brands). Often the problem occurs after defrosting the refrigerator. The reason may lie in freon leaks, as a result of which the compressor does not cool down, but heats up. In this case, you need to check the operation of the element.

Why doesn't the freezer work?

The equipment may function properly in the specified mode, but the lower chamber stops cooling.

The main reasons why the refrigerator does not freeze:

  1. The unit is not closed tightly, which is why the freezing system does not work (found in some models).
  2. Compressor failure.
  3. Malfunctions in the air freeze sensor.
  4. The switch valve is not working.
  5. Problems with the control module.
  6. Freon leak.
  7. Often malfunctions occur after a power outage or during transportation of the device.

You need to know what could be signs of a serious breakdown:

  1. One of the compressors turns on and off after a few seconds. In this case, the cause is a malfunction of the compressor motor (the main unit of the refrigerator). The operation of the device may be impaired due to natural wear and tear of parts or too much load on it.
  2. The camera freezes, but takes too long breaks in operation. This means that the air sensor in the freezing system is broken. Due to this damage, the control module does not receive data that the chamber has not cooled down enough, because there is no signal about the compressor operating.
  3. The freezer is working, but the compressor is malfunctioning. This indicates a malfunction of the chamber thermostat.
  4. A gap forms in the drainage system, water collects from below under the trays, then begins to spill over the walls of the freezer, which starts the corrosion process. Such signs indicate a freon leak.

What to do if the refrigerator does not freeze well after defrosting

A refrigerator, even with the No Frost option, is periodically emptied of frozen food and defrosted; older models will have to be cleaned much more often. Sometimes a disconnected unit cannot fully function after being connected. The reason here is as follows: when defrosting the chamber, the ice was removed from the walls with a knife, therefore, cracks could appear on the evaporator or tubes. Freon leaks through them.

It is not possible to determine the breakdown and repair the elements on your own; you need to invite a professional. He will determine the specific location of the damage, seal it and charge the system with refrigerant.

The refrigerator does not freeze after defrosting

A system of one compressor and two heat removal circuits is in dynamic equilibrium. If one of the chambers takes more energy, the other may not have enough. This is one of the many reasons why the refrigerator does not freeze well.

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It happens that the temperatures in two chambers with independent regulation are set to maximum cold. No matter how well the compressor works, it will not be able to provide the mode. You need to choose what is more important at the moment, super cooling or super freezing.

It is important to know that with the general No Frost cooling circuit, the entire energy flow is directed to the minus chamber, where an evaporator is installed. The secondary air is directed by a fan into the positive chamber through the air channel. The system is designed for a specific air flow. If the control valve did not work correctly, became stuck, the refrigerator began to freeze poorly.

  1. The refrigerator may not work well due to a loosely closed door, thereby building up a coat of snow in the chamber.
  2. The upper chamber sensor, thermostat, or a malfunction in the electronic control unit may be faulty.
  3. It happens that there is little refrigerant in the system, but its amount is enough to maintain the freezer mode.
  4. A plug in the capillary tube will give the same result as a freon leak.
  5. Compression has dropped – insufficient gas compression.

These reasons can be understood after diagnosis.

When the temperature in the refrigerator approaches room temperature, and the freezer is working as expected, it is necessary to carry out diagnostics and repairs.

If the refrigerator has the No Frost function in the freezer, the first reason is that the defrost has broken down. The heating element does not work, the system freezes up inside and out. In this case, the fan blades will touch the ice on the evaporator and rotate with force. The engine will burn out, the blades will jam, and the air duct will freeze. Following the positive chamber, the cold will begin to leave the freezer.

You can detect a malfunction by the loud operation of the fan, creaking, and then silence. Before making diagnostics, you need to defrost the cabinet for 24 hours, then try to start it up. If the fan does not rotate, you need to call a technician. If the defrost system does not work, the accident will repeat.

If the cold chamber in a two-compressor refrigerator refuses to work, it has a separate compressor and cooling circuit. You can conduct research without turning off the freezer. The reasons are classic:

  • thermostat malfunction;
  • freon leak;
  • compressor malfunction;
  • failure of the control system.

It is important, when looking for the reason why the freezer freezes well, but the refrigerator does not work well, to pay attention to whether the incandescent light bulb inside the chamber turns off when the circuit is closed. Perhaps the button is broken or there is no contact with the door. You need to make sure that the door and seal fit tightly and that there are no distortions in the contour.

What does it mean – it doesn’t freeze well? This is considered if the temperature in the chambers does not correspond to the specified value. In the freezer, the temperature rises to the limits of defrosting food; in the refrigerator, refreezing is possible. The reasons are varied, depending on the design of the refrigerator.

  1. The thermostat is responsible for cyclical operation of the compressor. If it fails, the motor may not turn off for a long time, causing excessive cold. At this moment, the No Frost system cannot start defrosting, the evaporator freezes, cold air stops flowing into the upper chamber, and the temperature in it rises. But if the compressor does not receive a command to turn on, the effect is the same, the temperature rises.
  2. There is a gas leak in the cooling circuit, the pressure in the system is insufficient, heat removal is impaired, the temperature will rise. This will be noticeable first in the refrigerator, then in the freezer.
  3. The pressure balance in the system is disturbed, the capillary tube is clogged, the consequences are similar to a freon leak.
  4. There is a malfunction in the electronic control unit - it is impossible to change the mode in the cameras or turn off the device.

In any case, if uncharacteristic sounds appear, if the refrigerator does not freeze well and does not turn off, it is necessary to find the reason. If it is not possible to fix the breakdown yourself, you need to stop the unit, defrost it and call a technician.

If the refrigerator works without interruption, and the temperature in the chambers does not reach average levels, you need to look for a place to put the food away. Most likely, the repair will involve revision of the cooling circuit. This is possible if a gas leak has occurred and the freezer compartment of the refrigerator begins to freeze poorly. The assumption will be confirmed if, after clearing the ice, the refrigerator refuses to freeze at all.

The compressor works without interruption because the chambers do not have the required temperature. But if it works for a long time without stopping, it will also fail. Therefore, it is in the interests of the equipment owner to diagnose the malfunction as early as possible.

Using the Atlant two-chamber refrigerator as an example, we will look at what to do if the device does not freeze well.

A typical cause of circuit instability and failure is freezing and clogging of the capillary tube where it connects to the evaporator tube. Cork occurs as a result of moisture entering and freezing. The best way to fix the problem is to replace the tube.

The freezer in the refrigerator will not work well if:

  • refrigerant leaks due to mechanical damage to the evaporator;
  • clogged filter and filter dryer cartridge.
  • frequent operation of the thermal relay;
  • thermostat malfunction.

In any case, when intervention in the operation of the dynamic heat removal circuit from the refrigerator is required, it is necessary to use the services of specialists.

Sometimes the problem is not the refrigerator, but a violation of operating rules. Before calling a technician, make sure that the defrost mode is turned off. Otherwise, just turn it off and the food spoilage problem will resolve itself.

Is your appliance running but the compressor is not keeping the temperature low enough? Just call the Service Center and call a technician! A qualified specialist will arrive at a time convenient for you, carry out diagnostics and fix the problem in a short time! Repair takes from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

Why does the refrigerator not freeze after defrosting and clearing the chamber of ice? The evaporator inside the chamber may have been damaged when removing the ice. Freon came out, leaving a mark - a dark oil stain. The warm circuit of the door or the foamed part between the freezer and refrigerator may be damaged. Moisture accumulates in these places and contributes to rusting of the tubes.

In any case, if the gas comes out, you need to find the leak and restore it. If the contour is in the foamed part, it is muted and outlined. A new portion of refrigerant is pumped in after evacuation - removing air from the circuit. Both excess and lack of freon are harmful.

Periodically, to ensure high-quality operation and reduce energy consumption, the refrigerator must be defrosted. It would seem that the chambers have been completely freed from snow and water, the unit has been washed and dried - it should work at full capacity. But for some reason it doesn’t freeze. Who is to blame and what to check first?

The most common mistake made by users of household appliances is the rough chipping of ice from the walls. The result of careless handling is often the appearance of cracks in the evaporator and tubes through which refrigerant leaks. It will not be possible to identify the absence of freon in the system of tubes and capillaries on your own; you will have to worry about finding a refrigeration unit repair specialist. He will determine the location of the leak, seal the cracks and charge the system with refrigerant.

Leak detector

If this household appliance has such a function, you need to check whether this button is turned on. Sometimes it is accidentally pressed, the owner does not even suspect that the device will soon stop working for no apparent reason. Therefore, we first check the presence of this button and its current position.

Refrigerator makes gurgling noises but doesn't get cold

In some older models, including Saratov, Daewoo or Orsk, gurgling sounds are heard when the refrigerator is operating. This is a normal phenomenon, as freon passes through the cooling system. But if at the same time the unit stops cooling, there is warm air inside the chamber with the compressor constantly running, then a problem has arisen.

The cooling system may malfunction if the oil filter is clogged. In addition, the capillaries through which the refrigerant is distributed may become clogged. You won’t be able to diagnose and fix the problem yourself; a professional will come to the rescue. The technician will immediately determine the cause and use special equipment to blow out the system.

Household refrigerator gurgles and does not cool

The sound of bubbling in the refrigerator is completely normal in normal operation, as it is heard when freon passes through the pipes of the cooling system. But if the murmur occurs against the background of additional symptoms (continuous operation of the compressor and warm air inside one or both chambers of the refrigerator), then we can talk about an existing malfunction. Most likely there is a refrigerant leak.

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The engine cooling system may fail due to a clogged oil filter. The capillaries through which freon moves also often become clogged. It will not be possible to diagnose and correct such a breakdown on your own, but an experienced technician can easily determine the cause and blow out the tubes using special equipment.

The electronically controlled unit is inspected for board failure. The control unit displays error codes on the display, and even holding the shutdown button for a long time does not help. You can try to cope with the failure on your own by looking at the setup method in the instructions. If all else fails, the only option left is to take the refrigerator in for service.

The refrigerator does not freeze when the compressor is running

The uniform hum of the unit is not always an indicator of good performance. The engine should idle up to 4 times per hour. If it makes noise constantly, it means that the refrigerator cannot reach the set mode. This happens in the following cases:

  • the kitchen is too hot;
  • the freezing mode is set to maximum temperature;
  • there is a freon leak;
  • the starting relay is faulty;
  • improper operation of refrigeration equipment. For example, hot foods are placed inside, the doors are poorly closed, and the sealing rubber does not fit tightly.

The upper chamber stopped freezing

In the new two-chamber units “Bosch”, “Indesit”, “Beko”, equipped with two compressors, the problem is not always immediately visible. The unit works, the light is on, but when you open one of the freezers, you may find that it has defrosted.

The malfunction in this case may be a breakdown of the thermostat. It is enough to measure the voltage on the motor; if there is no voltage, you will have to replace the motor.

The refrigerator has stopped freezing, but there is light

What to do if the unit stops humming and everything inside the freezer is defrosted. In new models with electronic control, for example, in Bosch, Samsung, Indesit, this can happen in the following cases:

  • if the door is not closed tightly, or if the rubber seal is damaged. The engine will stop working with a constant supply of warm air masses;
  • The temperature sensor has failed.

In mechanical models such as Sviyaga, Dnepr, Nord, Zil, Deo, the problem may arise due to a malfunction of the thermostat.

If the compressor takes a long time to start, but only makes clicking noises, then there is a fault in the start relay. Check the voltage on the capacitor; you may have to replace the motor.

The refrigerator does not work, but the light is on from inside: the first signs of a malfunction

What to do if the refrigerator stops humming, and its compartments are not cool, but warm? On new LG electronically controlled models, this can happen if the door seal is broken. The engine does not start due to the constant flow of warm air. Another option: the temperature sensor is broken. The same problem, but with a thermostat, happens in mechanically controlled equipment.

Or another problem: the compressor tries to start with proper lighting, but only clicks are heard - in this case, repairing the start relay can save the situation. Try also checking the capacitor with a tester. If it is working properly, but the refrigerator does not freeze, you will most likely have to replace the motor.

Compressor diagnostics

Why doesn't the refrigerator freeze, but the freezer works?

If the refrigerator stops freezing, but the freezer freezes, the reason may be a malfunction of the components. Let's look at the most common breakdowns:

  • The fan motor failed, so the refrigerator compartment stopped cooling. The unit must be turned off and defrosted. After complete thawing and drying, plug it into the network, everything should work, if not, you will have to change the motor;
  • the problem is in the compressor, the engine needs to be repaired or replaced;
  • the capillary tube or drainage outlet is clogged;
  • there is a freon leak;
  • modern models, such as Daevoo or Stinol, are equipped with sensors that transmit information to the module. If one device fails, it must be replaced.

Reasons why the refrigerator does not freeze well

Usually the problem is related to improper operation. You may have previously placed a hot pan in the refrigerator compartment. Particular attention should be paid to the door seal. He can:

  • dry;
  • deform;
  • warp along with the door.

And these are not all the reasons. “Internal” breakdowns are often observed. The most common ones will be listed below.

  1. There are refrigerant leaks.
  2. The temperature sensor (temperature sensor) has failed.
  3. Capillary tube clogged
  4. Compressor failure

In order to quickly solve the problem, you need to contact qualified specialists.

The refrigerator has been left unplugged for a long time and does not freeze after being turned on.

Refrigerator manufacturers do not recommend leaving them unplugged for long periods of time. It is necessary to connect the unit at least once every six months. During downtime, freon will evaporate from the system, and blockages often occur in the capillaries.

Only a professional technician can help with this problem; he will bring equipment with him, diagnose the cooling system, remove the blockage and fill the pipes with freon.

Important! There is sometimes advice on forums that if you put the refrigerator on its side for 10 minutes, the freon will be evenly distributed in the system. This fact has not been confirmed by professionals; in this way, the remaining refrigerant can leak.

What to do if your new refrigerator doesn’t freeze?

Sellers are required to inspect the new unit. If, after installing the house, when turned on, it turns out that the refrigerator does not freeze, this can happen for a number of the following reasons:

  • the compressor does not work when the unit is turned on; the start relay may be faulty and needs to be replaced. Another reason is that it was damaged during transportation; therefore, it needs to be replaced and refilled with freon;
  • If the refrigerator does not freeze when the compressor is running, it means that either the cooling system is clogged or there is a freon leak. Only a professional technician can fix this problem;
  • check the thermostat adjustment and factory settings.

These cases are covered by warranty; first of all, you need to contact either the service department or directly to the store.

Serious breakdowns when the refrigerator compartment does not work, but the freezer does work

There are a number of reasons for such malfunctions. If the freezer compartment is working, but the other compartment is not functioning, the following breakdowns may be the cause.

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Freon leak

In this case, the camera does not perform its function even after defrosting. Ice formation in the refrigerator indicates a refrigerant leak in a closed part of the unit. In such a situation, it is necessary to charge the system with freon and replace the evaporator. You cannot cope with this task on your own; you need to call a specialist. Leakage may occur due to mechanical damage (replacing the elements will restore the operation of the equipment).

Electronics problems

There may be problems with the control module. Visually, the refrigerator is working, but the system does not indicate that the freezing process has begun in the freezer. In this case, you need to reboot or install a new board.

Malfunction of one of the compressors

The reasons for device failure can be different.
A malfunction may occur if hot food is placed in the refrigerator (in this situation, the thermostat trips and overloads the compressor). Another cause of breakdown is often the formation of a large amount of ice in the chamber (this also increases the load on the system). In some cases it may be necessary to replace a part.

If there are 2 compressors in the refrigerator, then the freezer in one compartment may function normally, but not in the other.

It is necessary to consult a specialist to find out what the reason is (not cooling, etc.).

Engine overheating

If the system does not freeze and the light is on, you should check the operation of the engine. Most often, the function is disrupted due to overheating. In this case, you need to defrost the refrigerator and make sure that the engine is cool, and then turn on the device.

Oxidation and rust on tubes

Corrosion often occurs on metal parts, which complicates the operation of the unit.

Cooling system clogged

Coolant may thicken in the pipes, causing the unit to malfunction. It is necessary to clean the system using special tools. If necessary, the technician can replace the filter, fill the system with freon and restore the tightness.

Fan motor failure

If the device malfunctions, both the upper and lower cameras do not work. The fan may become cold and stop functioning properly. You can try to fix the problem by defrosting the refrigerator for 11-12 hours; in case of more severe damage, parts will most likely need to be replaced.

Failures in conductive systems

The device may not be connected to power. This often occurs due to poor contact between the plug and the outlet or other faults. During diagnostics, the quality of the mains voltage is checked (the normal value is 220 V, small deviations are acceptable). After this, you should inspect the cable and the condition of the power cord: there should be no kinks or other damage.

If the freezer does not work due to wiring, then repairing refrigerators at home will not be a big problem (you can replace the cords or remove the damaged area without the help of a technician).

Damage to the magnetic valve, which is responsible for switching modes

Often the switch valve in refrigerators breaks down. Because of this, 2 compartments are cooled at once (the engine power is not enough for both chambers, so slight freezing occurs).

Other reasons

The most common factors leading to breakdowns of the refrigeration unit:

  1. Low-quality components, for example from Chinese manufacturers.
  2. Failure of the relay, which is responsible for starting the equipment. It is located next to the compressor.
  3. Room temperature. If the kitchen is hot, the device may not be able to cope with the load: the chamber in the refrigerator will work normally, but the system in the freezer will not cool. To resolve this problem, you need to adjust the freezing temperature.
  4. Frozen fan. The malfunction is typical for models with the No Frost system. In case of freezing, the temperature regime of the chambers and the entire cooling system is disrupted. The solution is simple - you need to completely defrost the refrigerator (for 12 hours).
  5. Violation of operating rules when working with a household appliance. Refrigeration equipment must be defrosted periodically (the entire process in modern devices takes 3-4 hours).

In other cases, owners may damage the system by scraping ice with sharp objects, for example. Often after this the freezer stops functioning. The current passport states that this is strictly prohibited (small damage is enough to break the tightness of the device and lead to freon leakage).

Before carrying out repairs, you must familiarize yourself with the manual and operating principle of the refrigerator. If, after checking the unit, the freezing system still does not function, you should start looking for more serious reasons.

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