Top 7 wireless (bluetooth) headphones from Aliexpress

Hi all! We, together with Aliexpress, decided to conduct an experiment. They sent me over 30 models. I tested them for a month and chose for you the best wireless headphones from Aliexpress. The assessment was based on the following criteria:
  • Sound quality.
  • Noise suppression.
  • Capacity of the battery and battery cases (if any).
  • Compatible with all platforms: Windows, iOS, iMac, Android, TVs, laptops and other devices.
  • Build quality.
  • Ease of use: shape, weight, fatigue after wearing for a long time.
  • And of course, the relationship between all this and their final price.

I have selected the TOP 10 best models for you. For each headset I highlighted the main advantages and disadvantages. I tried to select models so that they could suit everyone. There are expensive and cheap ears here. I specifically hid the price so that you read my review first, and only then get acquainted with the cost.

Therefore, I advise you to read first, and only then find out the exact numbers - this way you can more scrupulously choose exactly the model that will work and delight you for many, many years. You can also write your reviews in the comments.

HELP! If you find it difficult to choose from all this variety, then you can always contact me in the comments. Write: your estimated budget, the type of headphones you want, and what kind of music you listen to. You can also look at my other two ratings: first link, second link.

Cowin KY07

  • Lightweight and comfortable wireless headphones from Aliexpress.
  • The design is completely identical to AirPods.
  • Very lightweight and IPx water resistant
  • Control by touch.
  • Very good sound, similar to the quality of the same AirPods, which cost three times more.
  • They hold a charge for a long time.
  • The bottom line is this: these are almost an exact copy of AirPods, but they are cheaper.
  • Your ears start to hurt when you wear them for a long time, but this problem also occurs in Apple ears – so they may not be suitable for everyone. But usually such inserts suit many people.



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How to find headphones on Aliexpress

If you intend to look for headphones in categories with phones, then we hasten to disappoint you, they are not there. There are several ways to search for a product on Ali, but today we will talk about the most correct option, from our point of view. Log in to the start page of the site; in the left corner you will have access to a list with all popular sections. Recently, Chinese sellers have been diligently adding to this list. Find the “See all” tab there and click on it.

A small table with table of contents of groups will appear in front of you, find “Consumer Electronics” there and click. Thus, the site will move down, and you will find yourself in this thematic subgroup, where the headings that were placed in it will appear in front of you.

Now in the second column we find “Headphones and Headphones”, click, and we find ourselves in a catalog with all types of headphones that are only available on the site.

Mixcder E10

  • The battery lasts a very long time - lasted about 2 weeks. According to the manufacturer, the battery lasts 35 hours.
  • 40mm speakers deliver almost the entire frequency range.
  • Very soft ear pads.
  • AptX LL technology - allows you to transmit sound without loss of quality and at a higher speed without delays, which is important when watching movies.
  • The kit includes a cable for connecting to a computer or laptop. It can also be used with phones.
  • They are in the TOP 5 of my personal rating.
  • Bluetooth0.
  • The noise reduction is poor, so you shouldn’t take them to crowded places.



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How to order wireless headphones on Aliexpress

The main thing when ordering is not to rush and choose the best option, both in price and quality, and also to guess with the seller. When you have selected the earphone model according to your requirements, check out the seller's rating. If he is bad, look for another. The range of goods and the high demand for the products themselves allow you to choose the same option, only from a different supplier, at approximately the same prices. When you are finally ready to buy, select the color, number of headphones, then click “Buy now”. Don’t forget to pay attention to delivery and delivery times; you can always choose a paid option.

Then view your details (delivery, zip code, full name and phone number). If necessary, they can be changed at this stage. Write a few kind words to the seller in the comment field. The Chinese love it. Click "Confirm and pay". We pay immediately if it is a card or e-wallet, or wait for the invoice if it is a cash payment or money transfer. Choose the method that is more accessible to you.

Happy shopping!

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots

  • Budget plugs are inexpensive compared to flagship models from other companies.
  • Comfortable, lightweight, fit well in the ear, do not fall out and are not felt when walking and running.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 support. Great headphones for your phone and tablet.
  • DSP intelligent noise reduction.
  • The charge doesn't last that long, but the battery case saves the day.
  • The sound is inferior to top models.



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Headphones - phone

Just recently MP3 players were popular, but today mobile phones have occupied almost all niches. Due to the fact that you can insert memory cards into the phone, and most smart phones already have a built-in memory of 16 gigabytes or more, you can use it as a player, as a camera, and as a notepad. That's why headphones for phones have become so popular. Some people prefer small options that they can easily throw into a bag and don’t look bulky, but others prefer the opposite, headphones that are somewhat similar to computer ones.

More recently, the entire Internet was abuzz with mega popular zip-up headphones. The cost of these on Ali starts from only 35 rubles. Moreover, headphones can be matched to the color of clothes, phone or even sneakers. They are convenient because they do not get tangled, or almost not tangled, like simple headphones. Also, not so long ago there was a wave of glow-in-the-dark headphones. If you could buy them in stores for 10 bucks, now you can find models on Ali for 35 rubles. Agree, an impressive difference. And if you think about the fact that headphones tend to get lost and deteriorate, then the offers on the shopping site have no price at all.

This year, wireless stereo headphones in a fashionable guise have become popular. You use your phone to pick up the Bluetooth headset, and then use it for the purposes that are needed at the moment. The cost, of course, is higher than in the options described above, but the model also has an order of magnitude more capabilities. For example, you won’t get this kind of sound in simple headphones for 100 rubles, not to mention the opportunity to get rid of wires and talk with your interlocutor in the same car.

The range of headphones for phones in the vast Chinese hypermarket includes more than 65 thousand models. There are both premium and economy class models. You can also use filters to separate unnecessary options. The following filters are available: communication, wireless type, connectors. I would like to note that the Chinese did everything possible to ensure that a potential buyer who entered this section would not be left without a purchase.

Haylou BT5

  • Wide frequency range from 20 to 20,000 Hz.
  • The battery on one ear is 300 mAh - lasts quite a long time.
  • The total capacity of the case is for 12 hours of continuous listening to music.
  • IPX5 water protection - so you can play sports in them even in the rain.
  • Controlled by touch.
  • ACC codec support.
  • Fifth generation Blue Tooth support.
  • Inexpensive, Chinese and high-quality assembly.
  • In my opinion, the bass is a little too loud when playing.
  • The microphone is quite quiet.



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Essager S11 TWS

  • Charging case for 2200 – 3500 mAh (depending on the kit).
  • They look stylish.
  • There is an LED display that shows all possible information.
  • Very light and comfortable.
  • Hi-Fi support.
  • Controlled with a simple touch.
  • IPX5.
  • When connected to an iPhone, the phone also displays the charge of the headphones themselves.
  • 5 hours of work on one charge.
  • Great sound for the price.
  • There are no obvious disadvantages.



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DJ Oneodio

  • 30 hours of continuous listening - one and a half weeks lasts exactly.
  • Supports all devices - there were no problems with any smartphone, computer or laptop.
  • High-quality sound with high and low frequencies.
  • Good noise reduction and soft ear pads.
  • They twist and turn in different directions - very convenient to fold and carry.
  • Included is a 3.5mm cable for direct connection.
  • Oneodio is one of the best companies from China.
  • The sound when listening through a cable is worse.
  • For some they may seem very heavy.



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Oneodio A9 Hybrid Active

  • Excellent sound, no highs or lows out of place - so the ears are suitable for any music.
  • They are very light compared to the previous model and fit well on any head - both an adult and a teenager.
  • They last almost as long as the previous ones. Most likely they have the same batteries.
  • A very high quality microphone that transmits all frequencies of the analog signal.
  • There is a 3D effect, although there are only two speakers.
  • They look more stylish compared to previous models.
  • Supports all known profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP.
  • Bluetooth1 – why couldn’t you give it a “five”?
  • They cost more, although the sound is approximately the same as the previous version.



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  • There is an LED display that shows the battery charge of each headphone.
  • Due to the larger dimensions, the developers managed to put more powerful batteries in them. Therefore, on one charge you can listen to music for up to 9 hours.
  • 24 hours of music from the case.
  • Due to the additional module, which comes in the form of an arc, you can run, jump and engage in almost any sport.
  • IPx5.
  • Control occurs from a button - for some this will be a plus, but for others it will be a minus.
  • The sound is quite mediocre - in my opinion there is not enough bass.



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bluetooth headphones

Today, as you walk around the city, you increasingly see that people, even in large companies, do not let go of their phone. We chat all the time, maintain pages on social networks, and also listen to music. Not to mention constantly receiving calls. Any mobile phone emits radio waves, which are still unknown how they will affect your body. For security purposes, Bluetooth headsets were invented, which are designed for conversations.

It's quite simple to use. We insert it into the ear and secure it so that the device holds well. Now you don’t need to constantly reach into your pocket or bag, you are always in touch and not dependent on situations. Bluetooth headsets are chosen by drivers, housekeepers, students, teachers, and all segments of society. It is needed in cases where you need to concentrate on the work process, and you cannot answer the call.

Most Bluetooth headsets are equipped with the ability to receive multiple calls simultaneously. The main thing is to make sure that your smartphone supports Bluetooth version 1, 2 or 3.0. True, this module is built into most modern phones. Thanks to Aliexpress, a Bluetooth headset has ceased to be something pretentious and worthy only of the elite of this world. So the economy option costs only 50 rubles. But the site also sells more expensive and sophisticated models.

Takstar PRO 82

  • Improved bass sound by increasing the range: 10 Hz-20 kHz.
  • These are professional headphones for sound monitoring on stage or in the recording room.
  • Hi-Fi support.
  • A stylish case is included.
  • There is a 3.5 mm cable, and the sound through it does not deteriorate when listening.
  • There are 3 sound amplification modes.
  • High-quality and generally inexpensive Chinese wireless Bluetooth headphones with A
  • It seemed to me that the sound was normal only in the second mode.



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Cowin SE7MAX

  • Active noise cancellation – in combination with high-quality ear pads, you will not hear extraneous sounds even in crowded places.
  • The rechargeable battery is designed for 30 hours of listening.
  • The frequency range is standard, but the sound is really cool - all frequencies sound smooth, nothing sticks out or comes to the fore.
  • The set includes a stylish bag for the headset.
  • A good microphone that cuts out all unnecessary frequencies
  • The kit includes two wires, as well as an adapter for a regular jack.
  • Quite hard and presses a little, but maybe that’s just me.
  • I don't really like the design.



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The best stores selling wireless headphones from Aliexpress

When wanting to make a purchase on Aliexpress, we choose not only the product itself, but also, first of all, its supplier. When shopping on foreign sites, including Ali, it is very important to choose the seller who will send you a quality product, answer all your questions, and fully support your order until it reaches you. There are a couple, or even three dozen sellers with an excellent reputation who sell headphones.

But, nevertheless, we suggest visiting the following stores with a rating of 3 crowns:

  • store - Eternal Team;
  • store - Ugreen Official Store;
  • store - Ruby's shop;
  • store - China Brands AE Technology Co., Ltd;
  • store - Shenzhen YKS Ltd;
  • store - Xiaomi Online Store;
  • store - michael-cigs;
  • store - artisome Official Store;
  • store - Tomkas Official Store;
  • store - Shopping In Mike's Store.
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