The best smart watches for children: TOP 10 rating, which one is better to choose, reviews, price, characteristics, pros and cons

The future has already arrived. Now even watches have become so smart that calling this gadget a watch can only be conditional, its functionality is so diverse. Compared to phones, the “filling” of which is no less modern, smart watches have several advantages:
  • in case of a dangerous situation, it is much easier to send a signal for help to parents from a watch than from a phone;
  • the watch-phone is securely fastened to the hand, so it is more difficult to lose or break it;
  • the device is constantly in front of your eyes, and the child will not miss your call or message;
  • To prevent the child from being distracted during lessons, the choice of entertainment in the watch is limited. These are mainly educational programs, arithmetic games and games that encourage physical activity.


  • How do children's smart watches work?
  • Basic functions of a smartwatch
  • Parental controls using the watch
  • What to look for when choosing a smart watch?
  • Top models of GPS watches under 4,500 rubles
  • Watches from 5,000 to 10,000 rubles
  • Watch with camera up to 4,000 rubles
  • Waterproof watch
  • Smart watches for teenagers
  • What you need to know about brands and manufacturers of GPS watches?
  • Useful tips for choosing and using smart watches

How do children's smart watches work?

The GPS module is responsible for geolocation, sending coordinates via satellite. After this, the smartwatch transmits data to the parent’s phone using the SIM card inside.

  • GPS is the most accurate method for determining geoposition (the error outdoors ranges from 5 to 50 m), but indoors it can give an error of up to 500 m. Therefore, children's watch models are often equipped not only with a GPS sensor, but also with an LBS and WI scanner. Fi networks.
  • Wi-Fi – the scanner works well indoors and helps correct coordinates outdoors. In this case, it does not matter whether networks nearby have passwords; the device only needs to catch this signal and transmit it further via the Internet. But if there are no or insufficient Wi-Fi sources in the building, then the error will be high.
  • LBS (Location-based service) determines geolocation using the nearest cell tower, and the more towers the operator has in the area, the more accurately the location will be determined. However, as a stand-alone geopositioning service, LBS works much worse than GPS and Wi-Fi.

Almost all smart watches operate on 2G networks. Despite the fact that modern smartphones have switched to the 3G communication standard, Beeline and Megafon have 2G coverage in all cities on all tariffs. As for MTS and Tele-2, it is better to check with the operator in your city when choosing a tariff plan.

Many parents are concerned about the question of how to choose a tariff for GPS watches so that there is enough Internet traffic. For a watch, 20-50 MB of data transfer and 450-1000 minutes of voice traffic per month are enough.

Basic functions of a smartwatch

Obtaining location data in real time

The device allows you to clearly answer the question “Where is my child?” Smart watches track the child’s location in real time, and parents see their movements on the map.

Two-way calls

Parents have the opportunity to call their child, and the child can call their parents. The number of numbers available for communication varies on average from three to ten.

Smart watches “cut off” calls from banks and random unknown numbers.

Voice and text messages

This function is convenient for schoolchildren and parents. Children don’t distract moms and dads with calls during meetings, and parents don’t have to constantly check the schedule to make sure the call occurs during a break.

Thus, both parties have the opportunity to listen to information at a convenient time and in a suitable environment. It is difficult to perceive information while driving or hastily changing clothes after physical education.

As for text messages, in most models they are sent only one-way: from the phone to the watch.

SOS button

In an emergency, by holding down the SOS button for a few seconds, the child sends a signal to a number or numbers pre-programmed in the settings, which the device will start calling in a circle until it gets through.

In some models, when you press a button, data from the GPS tracker is transferred to the parent phone in intensive mode: location statistics are updated not every 10-15 minutes, but once every 10 seconds. Other models automatically start audio recording when the SOS signal is turned on.

Once you buy a watch, be sure to practice with your child. Pay attention to how convenient the button itself is and whether it can be pressed unnoticed.

The best smart watches for children – TOP 10 rating

The TOP smart watches for children include:

  • Smart Baby Watch Q900.
  • Smart Baby Watch Q700.
  • Wise Z7.
  • CARCAM GW600.
  • CARCAM GW700.
  • AGU Fixies F1.
  • Jet KID TALK.
  • Wise GM11.
  • Smart Baby Watch V6G.
  • Tip Top 60Ts.

Let's take a closer look at the range presented.

Smart Baby Watch Q900

In front of you is a children's smart watch with a GPS tracker, video communication, support for 4G LTE networks, an SOS emergency call button and other functions for the safety of the child - in an original, ultra-modern case.

The remote listening function of the watch allows you to discreetly listen to what is happening around the child, whether the teacher or nanny is treating him well. Also included in the range of useful functions are a pedometer, calorie counting, sleep duration and quality.

SIM card typenanoSim
Battery power680 mAh

Price category: from 7990 to 8990 rubles.

Smart Baby Watch Q900


  • Wi-Fi support;
  • GPS support;
  • are not susceptible to physical damage;
  • protection against water ingress into the housing (protection standard IP67).


  • not found.

A great model finally found what she needed. My daughter is only 6 years old, there are incredibly many people at school, so naturally I worry about her. After purchasing this watch, I am calm about my baby and am not nervous when I send him outside.. At a convenient time, I can call her, find out about my daughter’s whereabouts, and listen to the situation. I recommend it to all parents who experience paranoia, thank you!

Smart Baby Watch Q700

The watch is intended for children's use. They are designed keeping all their needs in mind. The report records the history of movements. By opening it, you can see the time, date and location of the child. With the help of geolocation, territorial control is carried out.

This function allows you to set the radius of a safe area. If a child crosses the specified border, parents will immediately receive a signal about this. You can control your watch from a distance.

For these purposes, you need to download Aibeile, an application that can be used to manage any Smartwatch sample. When you enter an ID, it is registered with a single login. With remote control, parents can use it on different smartphones.

SIM card typenanoSim
Battery power620 mAh

Price category: from 7390 to 8400 rubles.

Smart Baby Watch Q700


  • movement history for 3 months;
  • remote monitoring of the child’s location;
  • automatic warning about leaving the safety zone;
  • transmission of an SOS signal to parents, automatic dialing in a circle to a free parent number.


  • not found.

I really liked the model! Quick to think, incredibly responsive sensor! The charge lasts for 2-3 days depending on the frequency of the call, what GPS tracking mode, etc. At first glance, the model is even reliable, without any Chinese jambs. Collected according to the “adult” type. I recommend purchasing, I haven’t found any cons after 2 months of use.

Wise Z7

The presented accessory serves as a wristwatch for children, but it is a great way for parents to monitor various aspects of their children's lives. Since this device has built-in GPS, it can be used to track the exact location of babies throughout the day. A child can notify several adults at once about possible danger simply by pressing the SOS button.

NavigationGPS support
SIM card typenanoSim
Battery power150 mAh

Price category: from 1500 to 3300 rubles.

Wise Z7


  • protection against moisture ingress into the housing (IP68);
  • high impact resistance;
  • the ability to notify several adults about the danger;
  • tracking a child remotely.

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  • not detected.

I’ve been using it for four months now, I really like it and am happy with everything. Ready to study further. The child is also happy, he doesn’t take it off, and if he takes it off, I’ll see it. The accessory so far works without any flaws, does not lag, shows geolocation correctly, video communication is of good quality, protected from moisture. There are many pros and no cons yet. The price of smart watches for children is incredibly low, I definitely recommend trying them out. Thanks to the manufacturers.


GW600 is a children's smart watch with a built-in camera and GPS tracker function. Thanks to a smart watch, you can track your child's movements in real time on your smartphone screen.

The watch is also equipped with a slot for SIM cards, which allows you to use it as a full-fledged mobile phone. The built-in 400 mAh battery provides up to 72 hours of battery life on a single battery charge.

SIM card typenanoSim
Battery power400 mAh

Price: from 2100 to 3240 rubles.



  • provides up to 72 hours of battery life on a single battery charge;
  • The watch is equipped with an SOS function, which will allow the child to call the parent’s mobile phone by pressing just one button;
  • a special sensor will allow you to stay aware of when your child takes off or puts on the watch.


  • too childish design.

Of course, I think the child should be given some kind of personal space, but now is a time when safety is paramount, which is why I finally purchased the presented gadget. My daughter is 8 years old, I think it’s too early for her to have a personal phone, but through the presented smart watch my daughter will contact me at a convenient time.


In front of you is a smart watch that combines the functions of a mobile phone and a GPS tracker. The watch has a modern and ergonomic design, making it an excellent accessory for every day.

Thanks to the built-in GPS module, a smart watch will be an excellent gift for an elderly person if you need to monitor his movements.

NavigationGPS support
SIM card typemicroSim (not included)
Battery power400 mAh

Price tag: from 2990 to 3100 rub.



  • the built-in GPS module allows the device to track its location on the map and broadcast it to a special application on iOS and Android;
  • there is a function for setting the boundaries of alarm zones, when crossed, the watch will send a corresponding notification;
  • hidden call mode (you can call the watch and listen to the situation surrounding the child);
  • has a degree of protection against moisture IP 55.


  • not found.

We bought it for a child a long time ago, my family got used to this gadget, it turned out to be an incredibly smart watch. The main purpose of the model is to track the child’s route. We are worried about the safety of the baby, and also the possibility of using them as a full-fledged mobile phone. We also appreciated the hidden call mode function to listen to the situation around the child. An incredibly necessary gadget, with many useful applications, precisely during this period of our children’s lives. The price may be a little high, but it's worth it.

AGU Fixies F1

Smart watch for children with GPS. This device guarantees accurate (with an error of up to 1 m) coordinates of the child’s location (GPS+Glonass via micro SIM card in the watch-phone). You can set the mode for receiving data on the child’s location at intervals of 1 minute, 10 minutes or 1 hour, and also request coordinates at any time.

Parents can themselves determine and establish an acceptable safety radius and determine the territory where the child can safely stay unaccompanied by adults. Movement history is saved in the AGU app and allows parents to see where their child was at any time.

SIM cardmicroSim
Battery400 mAh

Price tag: from 2611 to 2800 rub.

smart watch for children AGU Fixiki F1


  • the ability to request coordinates at any time;
  • parents can themselves determine and establish an acceptable safety radius and determine the territory where the child can be;
  • all movement history is saved in the AGU application.


  • not found.

Cool design! Truly a children's watch, the child wears it with pleasure without taking it off! And that's all I need. Not only have I learned to tell the time by the clock and know when it’s time to go home, but I’m also calm about the baby’s safety. I can call at any time - the child feels the vibration signal and answers immediately.


A convenient and functional watch that allows you to stay in touch with your child. They are comfortable to wear and easy to adjust. The variety of colors of the models provides ample opportunities to choose the device that is suitable for your child. In addition to the time and alarm clock, a children's watch can work similar to a mobile phone, making calls and exchanging voice messages.

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Thanks to satellite navigation, you have the chance to determine the location of your child and receive a sound signal when the child leaves the geofence you have defined. The SOS button in JET Kid will allow your child to quickly contact you for help. And the callback function will allow you to listen to the background sound, the place where your son or daughter is at the moment.

SIM cardmicroSim
Battery350 mAh
NavigationGPS support

Price tag: from 1490 to 2200 rub.



  • the ability to exchange voice messages;
  • receiving a sound signal when a child leaves the geofence you have defined;
  • the SOS button will allow the child to quickly turn to you for help;
  • The callback function will allow you to listen to the sound background, the place where the child is currently located.


  • not detected.

A good quality device. The functions are thought out for the safety of the child - the ability to set safe zones, the presence of an SOS button, wiretapping. Geolocation works just fine, but indoors, however, it gives an error. The materials of the case and strap do not smell (although this factor often happens with Chinese products) and are pleasant to the touch. The screen is bright and audibility is good. I recommend purchasing.

Wise GM11

The Wise smartwatch is first and foremost a lightweight and inexpensive phone. You are given the chance to exchange calls and voice messages. The built-in GPS tracker transmits information about the child’s location to the smartphone.

No searching or ringing - the geolocation of the watch is determined with high accuracy. The products are suitable for children aged 3 years and older. There are separate models for the elderly and pets.

SIM cardmicroSim
Battery400 mAh
NavigationGPS support

Cost: from 3200 to 4123 rubles.

Wise GM11


  • movement history;
  • remote listening;
  • notification of leaving the permitted zone;
  • location tracking.


  • not found.

Excellent watch: a real touch phone on my son’s hand. It can make calls, take photos, listen to music, and has a pedometer. We've been using it for about 6 months and we're happy with the quality. Now I don’t worry about the child’s safety, because I can see any movements of the baby and listen to conversations in the background. I recommend.

Smart Baby Watch V6G

The V6G GPS tracker watch has a color touch screen; to the right of it there is a call button, a flashlight and a camera. Under the screen there is a call/SOS signal button, and on the left side there is a connector for installing a micro-SIM card (fixed with screws). At the bottom there is a charging connector.

The watch strap is made of silicone, soft and does not cause allergies. The size is suitable for any child's wrist. There is no hand-held sensor, but this oversight is compensated by a safe zone and a quiet bell.

SIM cardmicroSim
Battery400 mAh
NavigationGPS support

Price: from 2500 to 3200 rubles.

Smart Baby Watch V6G


  • the belt is made of silicone, soft and does not cause allergies;
  • safe zone function;
  • remote listening.


  • There is no hand-held sensor.

I bought bright pink ones for my princess, with a tracker and a call button for one of the parents. Moreover, it calls via speakerphone, there is also a pedometer and a clock. The child’s location is tracked through the app - incredibly convenient, we wear it every day and only take it off before bed.

Tip Top 60Ts+

This accessory with a tracker was created specifically for children and their parents. With it, you will always know where the child is and the events happening around him. The watch is controlled entirely through a mobile application.

The watch has an SOS button - in case of danger, the child presses this button and the watch automatically dials the specified 3 numbers. There is a hand-held sensor - if a child takes off the watch, a notification will automatically be sent to the parent’s phone. The ability to install a geo-fence - an area where the child should not go.

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SIM cardmicroSim
Battery400 mAh
NavigationGPS support

Price category: from 2150 to 3100 rub.

Tip Top 60Ts+


  • SOS button – in case of danger, the child presses this button and the watch automatically dials the specified 3 numbers;
  • hand removal sensor – if a child takes off the watch, a notification will automatically be sent to the parent’s phone;
  • the ability to set a zone where the child should not go.


  • not detected.

I bought a watch for my first grade son. I asked my classmates to have them. And I didn’t regret it at all! On the contrary, I think I need them much more than he does. Now he is always in touch with me. He also had a phone, but it was constantly running out of battery. Now I get notifications on my phone if the watch needs recharging! And, by the way, they hold a charge just fine - up to 4 days. I can also always see where my child is on the map on my phone. I recommend it to all parents of elementary school children. Incredibly cool device.

Parental controls using the watch


In descriptions and reviews, this function is called differently: “audio monitoring”, “call back”, “silent call”, “feedback function”. The essence is the same: parents are given the opportunity to make a “secret” call from their phone and hear what is happening around the child.

The ethical aspect of this option can be debated for a long time; operators position it as an emergency option. It can be used to assess the situation if the watch sensor is triggered and the child does not answer the call. Or when an SOS signal arrives.

It can also be useful when GPS operates with a large error. You can check whether the child is really in class or has run away from class and is trying to smoke behind the school greenhouse.

And yet, when worrying about the safety of the child, it is better not to go too far.

Hand watch sensor

If most children wear a fashionable gadget with pleasure, teenagers have their own opinion on this matter. It may well occur to a freedom-loving teenager to leave his watch in a secluded place near the school and go about his teenage business. Problems between fathers and children are eternal, but in this case, parents will at least receive notification that the watch has been lifted. The main thing is not to forget to enable this function in the Settings section.

Not every model has a watch removal sensor. When choosing a watch, pay attention to the back: there is a small rectangle under transparent glass.

Movement history

The watch shows the route of movement for a certain period of time. Some models will show history for a day, and some for a month. This allows parents to determine at what point in time and where the child was. Using this function, it is convenient to set up safe zones (See the “Electronic Fence” function).

Electronic "fence"

This function makes it possible to outline the boundaries of safe zones. For example, a home, school, extracurricular clubs and sections, or a place where relatives live, with whom the child often visits.

When a child leaves these zones, parents receive a notification on their phone.

Prohibition of turning off the clock

A valuable feature when choosing a watch for young children. Modern children easily understand gadgets, but as soon as the electronic device “thinks” a little, the child begins to randomly press all the available buttons.

Additional options


It is especially useful for those who have to return from clubs and sections in the evening. And there are a great many simple everyday situations when a flashlight can really come in handy. By the way, children's imagination cannot be discounted. In the eyes of preschoolers, a flashlight will be more attractive than some complex functions because it can be used to play detective.


Allows you to track your child's physical activity. There are models that have a reward system for more excitement. For example, an electronic pet can live in a watch, and you can “feed” it by walking a specified number of steps.

Video call

Calling and seeing each other is priceless. At the same time, you can check whether your child is wearing a hat.


Children and teenagers love to share interesting things they saw during the day. And it’s great when there is an opportunity not only to tell, but also to show.

Search function

Have you ever had the desire to call a TV remote control that has disappeared into God knows where? It's the same here. The watch will beep and you can quickly find it. After all, not all children have perfect order in their room, right?

Actually, the clock.

Show time. Some models can also voice it, this feature will be useful for the little ones.

What to look for when choosing a smart watch?

Moisture resistance

Children wash their hands, sometimes too thoroughly, walk in the rain, check the depth of the snow and can easily forget to take off their watches when going to the shower.

Attention : no matter how durable protection against water the manufacturer offers, you should not press the buttons under water.

Battery capacity and quality

The longer the battery holds, the better. You can extend the charge life by changing the settings of some functions. You can increase the interval for sending geolocation data, as well as call less often and use wiretapping.


Children are spontaneous creatures, so it is almost impossible to force a child to wear an uncomfortable thing. Pay attention to the clasp, material (usually hypoallergenic silicone is the most comfortable) and the number of holes in the strap to ensure the watch fits your hand as best as possible.


A smart watch is an item to be worn constantly, and given the activity of children, they will be subject to shocks and falls every day.


When describing most watches, the word “stylish” appears at least once; here, as they say, it depends on taste and color. Some manufacturers offer watch-phone models depicting Disney characters.

Why is a watch with a GPS tracker better than a regular smartphone?

Absolutely any phone handles calls perfectly, and any modern smartphone has a GPS module. Hence the question: why buy another device? What is the difference from newfangled gadgets? Let's answer with the advantages of smart watches for children with a GPS navigator and a built-in telephone:

  • The watch is almost impossible to lose; it fits tightly on your hand. The phone can easily be dropped, broken, or stolen unnoticed. Many parents are familiar with the fact that a child loses a gadget in the first months of purchase.
  • Without a doubt, a smartphone is much more convenient for conversations, but how often does it happen that you call your child and remain unanswered, because the gadget is in the backpack and the child simply does not hear the call. The watch is constantly on your hand and it is impossible not to hear the call.
  • The watch does not contain online applications, so your child will be 100% limited from games.
  • The watch's charge lasts 4-5 days, unlike smartphones that require it every day.

Watch with camera up to 4,000 rubles

When choosing a watch with a camera for your child, pay attention to the models that we reviewed above; many of them combine multimedia functions, reliable operation of the GPS module and other protective characteristics.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, then pay attention to the following devices.

Smart Watch Kids LT05 (4G)

  1. Geolocation, calls and SOS button, wiretapping, you can send voice and text messages to the watch, there is a “fence” function.
  2. Vibrate alert.
  3. 0.3 MP camera.
  4. Waterproof (IP67).
  5. 4G support.

This watch model can be controlled using the SeTracker or "Where are my kids" apps of your choice.

Price: from 3690 rub.

Where to buy:

Aimoto Sport

Analogues: Jet Kid Sport, Wokka Watch Q360 (Smart Baby Watch i8)
  1. Calls and voice messages to 10 numbers from the phone book.
  2. SOS button, hand-held sensor, wiretapping.
  3. Alarm clock, pedometer, stopwatch, flashlight, arithmetic game.
  4. Built-in 0.3 MP camera.
  5. The battery charge lasts on average from a day to two.

This watch model can be controlled using the Knopka911 or “Where are my kids” apps of your choice.

Price : from 2699 rub.

Where to buy:

An analogue with the application “Where are my children” as a gift:

Touchscreen GPS watch with color display and camera, without wrist sensor and basic water resistance
CharacteristicsGinzzu GZ-507Smart Baby Watch G100Smart Baby Watch G10Smart Baby Watch T100
Battery400 mAH400mAH600mAH600mAH
Camera0.3 MP2 MP0.7 MP0.3 MP
Vibration alertNoNoThere isThere is
Memory cardNoNoNo147 MB
FlashlightThere isThere isNoNo
Data transfer2G2G2G/3G2G/3G
Price, rubles26502900*4590*4990
*the price includes a lifetime subscription to the premium application “Where are my children”

ELARI KidPhone Fresh

Our rating of children's smart watches opens with a brightly colored, festive-looking model. The case is plastic, made in two layers: transparent on top of colored. Protected from dust and moisture according to IP67 specification. Available shades: bright red, yellow, blue.

The set of functions includes:

  • Tracking the position of the media using GPS and Wi-Fi signals.
  • Creating “safe zones”, when you leave which you receive a notification on your smartphone.
  • “Red button” that instantly sends a message about danger.
  • Making voice calls (there is a slot for a SIM card).
  • Built-in camera that you can use to take photos.
  • Built-in voice recorder with voice messaging.

The model is suitable for children 7 years and older. Disadvantages - the lack of a hand-held sensor and the operation of a rather weak battery - only 480 mAh.

Xiaomi Mi Bunny Watch 3C

Chinese model with the ability to install educational games and applications. They feature extremely accurate geolocation. They look solid and are available in two shades: soft coral and blue. The case is protected from moisture penetration according to the IPX7 standard. With such a “smart” watch, you can safely wash your hands, walk in the pouring rain, or even take a dip in water for a while. Suitable for children 10 years and older.

The set of functions includes:

  • Geopositioning using nine sources: GPS, Wi-Fi, compass and others.
  • Retains charge in autonomous mode for up to 7 days.
  • Built-in camera with a resolution of 2 megapixels.
  • Built-in library of children's songs and fairy tales.
  • Pre-installed program for plant recognition.
  • Making voice calls (there is a nano-SIM slot).
  • “Red button” that instantly sends an SOS signal to parents’ phones.
  • Fast mobile Internet - 3G, 4G standards.
  • High capacity battery – 730 mAh.

Smart watches with a GPS tracker also have disadvantages - this is an incomplete Russification of the menu and the absence of a hand-held sensor.

Waterproof watch

We have previously mentioned smartwatches with IP67 protection (they can be briefly submerged to a depth of 1 m). If you are looking for just such a model, we recommend that you also pay attention to these models.

Wonlex GW400X

  1. Calls to specified numbers (15 contacts), SOS button, geolocation via GPS and LBS, movement history, electronic fence, wiretapping, alarm clock, pedometer, calorie counting.
  2. Moisture resistant. According to the manufacturer, you can take a shower and swim in the pool with the watch.
  3. There is a 0.3 MP side camera and a self-dialing function.
  4. The watch does not have a sensor for removing it from your hand, but this is either increased moisture protection or a sensor.

This watch model can be controlled using the SeTracker or "Where are my kids" apps of your choice.

Price : from 3190 rub.

Where to buy :

SMARUS kids K6

Analogue: Wonlex KT 03
  1. The watch is shockproof and waterproof (IP67 level).
  2. Everything necessary for communication between a child and parents: telephone communication, SOS button, call back, messaging, movement history, electronic “fence”.
  3. Camera 1.3 megapixels.
  4. There is a pedometer and an alarm clock.
  5. The Wi-Fi module improves indoor location accuracy.
  6. There is no vibration alert or hand-held sensor.

This watch model can be controlled using the SeTracker 2 or "Where are my kids" apps of your choice.

Price: from 4,700 rub.

Where to buy :

Smart Baby Watch W9 Plus

  1. Two-way calls, voice messages, location detection, monitoring function, geo-fence, movement history, SOS button for emergency communication and wiretapping, sending text and voice messages to the phone.
  2. Water resistance level IP67.
  3. Built-in educational arithmetic game.
  4. The Wi-Fi module improves indoor location accuracy.
  5. Camera 0.3 MP.
  6. There is a pedometer and an alarm clock.

This watch model can be controlled using the SeTracker or "Where are my kids" apps of your choice.

Price: from 4300 rub.

Where to buy :

ELARI KidPhone Fresh

  1. The case is available in three colors (yellow, turquoise, red).
  2. Touch display in a “fruit” theme.
  3. Possibility of calls and voice chat, SOS button.
  4. There is a camera, pedometer and accelerometer.
  5. Built-in arithmetic game.
  6. Works with the ELARI SafeFamily application.
  7. Moisture protection level IP67.

Price: from 2950 rub.

Where to buy:

Waterproof GPS watch with touch controls
CharacteristicsSMARUS kids K6Wonlex GW400XSmart Baby Watch W9ELARI KidPhone Fresh
Camera1.3 MP0.3 MP0.3 MP0.3 MP
Vibration alertNoNoNoNo
Data transfer2G2G2G2G
Price, rubles299031904390*2950
*the price includes a lifetime subscription to the premium application “Where are my children”

9Smart Baby Watch Q50

One of the most popular models on the market, about which there are many pages of reviews on the Internet. Designed for children 2–6 years old. Built-in technology for determining geocoordinates allows parents to always be aware of the location of the child. The function of sending geodata will help him tell his family, teachers or friends where he is now, unless he suddenly gets lost on purpose. And using the SeTracker application, you can set an allowed zone, and when a fidget leaves, mom and dad will receive a quick notification.

Since the Smart Baby Watch Q50 is made of silicone gel, it is completely harmless to its little owner. By the way, they are the cheapest in our rating. Be careful, there are often counterfeits of these watches!


  • Basic required set of functions.
  • Good sound and microphone.
  • Eavesdropping function.
  • Remote alarm clock.


  • Unreliable strap.
  • Lack of declared water resistance.
  • A very large number of fakes.
  • Discharges quickly.

Smart watches for teenagers

When choosing a watch for teenagers, functionality is certainly important, but design comes to the fore here. Another important point is the battery life. While younger schoolchildren are calm about daily reminders to charge their gadgets, teenagers may find such attention too intrusive.

Wonlex EW100 (G300D)

Analogues: Smart Baby Watch D99
  1. They have all the functions parents need: geolocation with a specified data transmission interval, storage of movement history, electronic “fence”, calls to 10 authorized numbers and voice chat, SOS button.
  2. Strict calm design. The monochrome display, which may seem boring to children, comes in handy here.
  3. This model does not have games, but it also does not have wiretapping or a hand-held sensor. So this is a kind of compromise for children and parents.

This watch model can be controlled using the SeTracker or "Where are my kids" apps of your choice.

Price : from 2890 rub.

Where to buy :

Smart GPS Watch T58

Analogue: Wonlex GW700
  1. The watch has a built-in Wi-Fi module, just like the previous model, so determining the child’s location indoors, if there are Wi-Fi networks there, is shown more accurately.
  2. There is a history of movements, an electronic “fence”, calls and sending voice messages to authorized numbers, an SOS button and wiretapping.
  3. Shows how long your child sleeps, the number of steps and calories.
  4. The watch has a stylish, minimalist design.
  5. They charge quickly and work without recharging for up to five days.
  6. The disadvantages are the low strength of the screen and the lack of a hand-held sensor.

This watch model can be controlled by Aibeile or "Where are my kids" apps of your choice.

Price : from 4990 rub. (the price includes a lifetime subscription to the “Where are my children” application as a gift)

Where to buy :

Smart Watch D100

  1. Calm, discreet design, natural leather strap looks very solid. By the way, you can replace it if you wish.
  2. A full-fledged pedometer that reacts specifically to steps, without “counting” the lifting of the arm, as well as a heart rate monitor.
  3. Calls and alerts, SOS button, wiretapping.
  4. Geolocator, electronic “fence”.
  5. Rewarding with hearts (Teenagers sometimes want approval too).
  6. The battery charge lasts for 2-3 days.

This watch model can be controlled by Aibeile or "Where are my kids" apps of your choice.

Price : from 4890 rub. (the price includes a lifetime subscription to the “Where are my children” application as a gift)

Where to buy :

Rating of the best children's watches with GPS 2021

Today, a wide variety of smart children's technology has been developed, of which 5 smart watch samples stand out. Below are the best kids GPS watches for 2018.

Life button K911

Characteristics of Smart Wath for children:

  • LBS tracker
  • Protected from moisture and shock
  • Not affected by temperatures
  • Able to make calls, send SMS
  • Not compatible with Tele2 and Yota

Smart Baby Watch

Description of children's smart watches:

  • The tracker works without delay, but is wrong by a kilometer
  • Saves movement history
  • The bracelet is not adjustable
  • Flimsy build

Smart Baby Watch Q60

Features of children's Smart Watch:

  • Errors in geolocation by a kilometer
  • No GPS tracker
  • Determines location based on Wi-Fi networks found by the watch
  • Q60 has a pedometer

What you need to know about GPS watch brands and manufacturers?

Smart Baby Watch

As soon as parents start thinking about buying a “smart watch” and start scouring the Internet, comparing the characteristics of models, they get the impression that Smart Baby Watch is the No. 1 brand in the GPS tracker market. However, this is not true, in the sense that it is not a brand or a manufacturer, but a common name for watches that are made in China. This means that manufacturers can be either large factories with a full production cycle, for example, Shenzhen Wonlex Technology Co., LTD or 3G-Electronics, or small unknown companies that use cheaper components during assembly. This is often the reason for the price difference between small online stores and official distributors.

To avoid getting a pig in a poke, do not hesitate to ask the seller about special certificates. With a high probability, copies of the necessary papers will be immediately posted on the official partner’s website in a visible place. This is a guarantee that you will receive an original product with instructions in Russian, and if you have any questions, you can contact support. In addition, for purchasing watches that have not been certified in accordance with international standards and Russian legislation, you may be held accountable, and this is serious.

We recommend purchasing devices from trusted suppliers. For example, official distributors such as, Elari, "Life Button", Lexand, Jet and , which, in addition, have developed a mobile application of the same name for children's GPS watches, are engaged in deliveries to Russia and the CIS countries from the manufacturing plant.

The specifications for products presented on the website contain all the necessary customs declarations, FSB notification and certificates of passing safety tests. Buyers will also receive a pleasant bonus: a free subscription for unlimited use of the application by the whole family.

A few words about the application itself. It is installed on the parent phone and allows you to:

  • track the location of a child or several children at the same time;
  • link the watch to an unlimited number of “parents” and their gadgets;
  • set the boundaries of safe zones and receive notifications about leaving them;
  • call back and record sounds around the child;
  • monitor the battery charge status of your offspring’s smartphone;
  • save movement histories for up to one month;
  • notify parents about the GPS navigator being turned off or about settings failure that will not allow them to continue tracking the child’s location.


The Elari brand is represented in more than 20 countries around the world. We reviewed two models of smartwatches from this brand: Elari KidPhone 2 (cost RUR 2,490) and the more expensive Elari FixiTime 3 (average cost RUR 4,990)

The declared functionality is not bad. Elari KidPhone 2 “can” make calls and send voice messages. There is an SOS button, wiretapping, accelerometer, pedometer. You can also “be friends for hours” with other users.

The Elari FixiTime 3 model has more features: in addition to the above, there is a movement history, an “in class” mode, monitoring steps and calories, and two cameras (main and front), so there is a technical ability not only to eavesdrop, but also to spy. At the same time, buyers call the model damp, and there are quite a lot of negative reviews in general. The bulk of user complaints are related to battery performance and problems with settings. Another weak point is the screen, which cannot withstand strong impacts and is not protected from scratches.

Life button

was created in 2011. This is the first monitoring and emergency call system in Russia. At first it was focused on helping the elderly, and in November 2015 it started working for children. Today “Life Button” serves more than 300,000 users in 60 regions of Russia.

In 2021, the company launched the wearable electronics brand Aimoto. In August 2021, the company began cooperation with Disney. From a series of models of children's watches with popular Disney characters, the model Life Button K911 with a flashlight and a built-in 0.3MP camera is popular in Russia. Geolocation is determined by GPS and LBS. Among the advantages, users note a long operating time of the device in active mode – about 36 hours. The downside is that the model is not moisture-resistant and looks rather bulky on a child’s hand. Some user complaints relate to registration in an application from the manufacturer. Model cost: 1990 rubles.

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