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Place Name Characteristics in the rating
TOP 10 best amplifiers for antennas
1Alcad AL-200High quality in all aspects of operation. The most popular amplifier in Russia
2Eurosky SWA-105Highest gain (25 dB). Optimal price
3Rexant 05-6202Wide range of amplified frequencies (5-2500 MHz). Three stream divider
4World Vision EFIR4Best configuration
5TERRA MA-025Possibility of separate adjustment of different ranges
6REMO BAS-8233The most compact device with three outputs
7Antex 30Best compact amplifier
8TERRA HS 016The most secure device
9Delta UTD-1101Best reliability indicator
10REMO INDOOR-USB BAS-8102Compact amplifier with USB

An antenna amplifier is one of the most important elements of a broadcast system, necessary to improve the quality of the signal when located at a significant distance from the broadcasting repeater or when communication with the satellite is unstable. It has a directed effect on changing the frequency of the wave received by the antenna with subsequent transmission to the appropriate equipment. In addition, these devices can perform the additional function of a splitter - dividing the signal into several streams to display the image on different TV screens.

The range of amplifiers on the market does not enjoy such high popularity from famous manufacturers, and, therefore, does not have a huge number of models sold. However, the whole problem with choosing a good device rests on basic ignorance of the main criteria, which is why purchases very often turn out to be in vain. Therefore, after carefully researching this segment, we have compiled for you a rating of the best amplifiers for digital and analog television, which are very popular among domestic users.

DIY antenna amplifier

You can design a simple device that amplifies your TV signal for your TV with your own hands. This device has low power consumption, does not create significant interference, and has a frequency range of up to 900 MHz. A low-voltage amplifier with a power supply of 2.7-5.5 V consumes a current of 3 mA and operates very quietly.

The operating principle is as follows. Voltage is applied to input “1”, which is shown on the microcircuit. Thanks to resistor R1, a bias is created in the working area. It is connected to input "2". The input signal comes to output “6”, while the amplified one is removed from node “3” and sent to the receiver. If the chip is assembled correctly, there is no need to configure it. By the way, you can also make an antenna for a TV yourself.

Various factors can negatively affect the TV signal level. Modern radio technology devices help to increase it. They have a number of advantages: mobility, high gain and a large selection of models. Thanks to the joint work of the antenna and amplifier, you can watch television in good quality.

Rating TOP 7 best amplifiers for digital antenna

Having analyzed the market segment of these products, we have compiled a rating:

  • Terra HS004.
  • Alcad AL-200.
  • Rexant 05-6202.
  • Lans LX-50.
  • One For All SV9345.
  • REMO BAS-1321.
  • Harper ADVB-2440.

Let's consider each model separately.

Terra HS004

Amplifier from the famous Terra company. Model HS004 is made of a durable die-cast housing and has a built-in power supply. Power is supplied via the RF input. Overload protection and indication are also provided. LTE signals are suppressed by a special built-in filter. Band splitting is provided with separate gain and slope adjustments in the VHF (47-414 MHz) and UHF (470-862 MHz) bands. The device can operate in the cold (-20°C) and in the heat (+50°C). Power consumption is low and is only 5V.

frequency range47-862 MHz
Gain34-44 dB
Dimensions135x180x52 mm
Weight0.7 kg

Price: from 3,200 to 3,780 rubles.

  • wide temperature range (from -20 to +50°C);
  • there is a special filter that suppresses LTE signals;
  • the presence of “ears”, thanks to which the device is mounted on the wall with ordinary screws or bolts.
  • not detected.

I bought this miracle piece of technology two weeks ago, and I already have some impressions that I want to share. The model has one input, but inside the amplifier the entire range of the television signal is divided into two subranges: MV and UHF. In each of the sub-bands there is a gain and frequency response slope adjustment, two attenuators and a stepless gain and frequency response slope control. The output signal is formed by summing the signals from the VHF and UHF subbands of the amplifier. The case is strong, moisture-resistant and beautiful.

Terra HS004

Alcad AL-200

The wideband residential amplifier from the Spanish company Alcad is one of the most popular on the Russian market. It is highly reliable and is designed to amplify television signals in the UHF and meter wavelength range; it has one antenna input and two outputs. Typically used to distribute a television signal to several televisions in a house or apartment. The device also has separate gain controls for the MV and UHF ranges, ranging from 0 to 15 dB. The amplifier operating frequency range is from 47 to 860 MHz.

Dimensions101x57x28 mm
Weight0.4 kg
frequency range47-862 MHz
Gain14-24 dB

Price: from 1,350 to 1,600 rubles.

  • low noise figure (4.5 dB);
  • versatility (equally good for amplifying cable and digital signals);
  • There is a function for dividing the signal into streams (2 streams).
  • allows for reduced efficiency at frequencies from 318 to 470 MHz.

Good afternoon I recently purchased this amplifier model for my TV, which has been receiving a poor signal lately. Overall it was more than helpful. There is separate adjustment for the MV and UHF ranges. Factors such as high power (gain up to 24 dB) and low noise level encourage the purchase. It is one of the most effective solutions for amplifying the signal received by one antenna for the whole house. Fully compatible with the DVB-T2 standard.

Alcad AL-200

Rexant 05-6202

A television divider is a convenient means for dividing a signal into several equal parts. Antenna splitters, also called television splitters, are used in cases where it is necessary to connect one television cable coming from the antenna to several televisions or receivers at once. This is especially true in multi-room apartments or country houses. The divider has one input for an F-connector and three outputs also for F-connectors. The signal supplied to the input of the divider is divided into two equal parts and transmitted to the outputs. Standard F-connectors are used to connect cables.

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Weight0.1 kg
Gain25 dB
Dimensions60x40x20 mm
frequency range5-2500 MHz

Price: from 190 to 380 rubles.

  • high gain (up to 25 dB);
  • compactness (60x40x20 mm);
  • small weight (100 g).
  • reliability (one of the splitter branches often fails).

This model is convenient when it is necessary to divide the signal into several used devices or amplify it to the limit. The size and lightness of the unit are one of its trump cards. At the same time, the power of the model is in no way inferior to its analogues, and in some places even exceeds it. It will be a relevant solution in multi-room apartments or country houses. To connect the cable, the manufacturer decided to install standard F-connectors, which is very good. In general, during operation I did not find any critical deficiencies, I recommend it.

Rexant 05-6202

Lans LX-50

Another model of a fairly compact digital signal amplifier. It costs significantly less than analogues, but in other respects it is in no way inferior to its competitors. The main advantage of the device is its versatility. The amplifier is broadband, which means that it supports several bands at once. As a result, it can reliably handle frequencies from 47 to 862 MHz. The accessory is powered by a traditional 220 V network. Despite the low cost, the model is equipped with a gain control, which is quite convenient.

Gain16-20 dB
Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions88x76x20 mm
frequency range47-862 MHz

Price: from 980 to 1,100 rubles.

  • small dimensions (88x76x20 mm);
  • adjustable gain (16-20 dB);
  • light weight (200 g).
  • only one F connector.

I came across this device a year ago, but I was able to decide to write a review only today. I will try to keep it short and clear. Having purchased the device, you will immediately notice its appearance; here it is unremarkable - an ordinary iron box. The range of audible frequencies is large (47-862 MHz). All characteristics correspond to the declared ones. When purchasing, be sure to ensure that you are getting a power supply.

Lans LX-50

One For All SV9345

The One For All SV9345 digital indoor antenna is designed to receive DVB-T, DVB-T2 stations. The device can be installed on any surface indoors, after which it can be quickly set up and operated without problems. One For All SV9345 has a reception angle of 90 degrees, thanks to which you will be provided with a decent image on TV. The product is equipped with a GSM unit, which acts as a filter, which is important for a clearer signal. The antenna has a stylish black and white color and an ergonomic design, which allows it to fit harmoniously into any interior.

Weight0.7 kg
frequency range87-862 MHz
Gain43 dB
Dimensions43x43x213 mm

Price: from 2,399 to 2,899 rubles.

  • long cable (1.5 m);
  • powerful amplifier (43 dB);
  • has support for all-wave reception.
  • not found.

The manufacturer recommends using the antenna at a distance of 15 km from the source. If you have a longer distance, do not be alarmed; it works fine for me at a distance of 30 km. Supports power from a regular USB port, which is equipped on almost any TV. This frees up one slot in the surge protector and does not waste electricity when the TV is turned off. Overall the device is very powerful and easy to use. I definitely recommend it to everyone.

One For All SV9345


The uniqueness of this model lies in the fact that it is equipped with a powerful amplifier capable of receiving signals from great distances and leaving the picture at the highest level. The main features include: all-wave signal, versatility and light weight. Also, many buyers like the modern design and black color of the device. It is installed outside the room and is powered through a special adapter.

Gain43 dB
Dimensions1050x290x90 mm
Frequency range87-862 MHz
Weight2.3 kg

Price: from 1,760 to 2,030 rubles.

  • pre-installed amplifier;
  • high resistance (75 Ohm);
  • versatility (works with analog and digital signals).

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  • not found.

The BAS-1321 antenna is equipped with an amplifier and power supply, so it is suitable in areas of poor signal reception. Effective in city conditions, as well as in the suburbs. Equipped with a corner reflector, thanks to which the gain in the UHF range increases by 3-5 dB. It is characterized by an increased long traverse and the presence of 6 UHF range directors. Receives DVB-T2 digital and analog television signals.


Harper ADVB-2440

Harper ADVB-2440 is an outdoor antenna with an active amplifier that provides a gain of up to 30 dB and noise of no more than 3 dB. The delivery set includes fastenings for installing the Harper ADVB-2440 on linear supports and flat bases (wall, roof, etc.). The spherical shape of the antenna eliminates the need to find the most favorable direction for signal reception (no need to turn the Harper ADVB-2440 towards the repeater) and reduces the effect of wind load. Power for the built-in amplifier is provided by a separate adapter and a special adapter (for connecting to a cable). Both are included.

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions115x115x235 mm
Frequency range87-862 MHz
Gain30 dB

Price: from 1,399 to 1,670 rubles.

  • variable signal power (VHF/UHF);
  • light weight (500 g);
  • support for all-wave reception.
  • not found.

The antenna has reliable reception regardless of the location of the transmitting station. The amplifier operates from a power adapter with a nominal voltage of 12 W. During thunderstorms, there is some distortion in the image. Plastic wall mount requires some care during installation. The main thing is that the antenna does not need to be directed directly at the transmitter. Works stably within a radius of 30 kilometers. Ideal for both digital and analogue channels.

Harper ADVB-2440

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