Review of the best models of Indesit refrigerators with bottom freezer

Modern kitchen and refrigeration equipment are practically inseparable concepts. The refrigerator is often more important than all other “combat units” of home appliances. It is not a luxury, but a means of storing food, so its presence in the home is mandatory. In private homes, problems with placing all the necessary items and equipment in the kitchen usually do not arise. Residents of multi-storey buildings face a completely different situation. Since apartments there cannot boast of spacious kitchens, the owners often have to demonstrate miracles of ingenuity to find a place for such a large cabinet. For this obvious reason, many are interested in standard refrigerator sizes. The range of freezing equipment is now quite wide, so even a small kitchen can find its “half”.

How to choose the size?

If saving kitchen space is not at the forefront, then future owners are practically unlimited. There is one old rule that says that the volume depends only on the number of people living in the house. However, it often does not work at all, since it all depends on habits, the presence of tailed “living creatures” in the house and on the lifestyle of people.

For example, a single person is matched with a small unit, but it is not always the best choice. If the owner (housewife) buys food once or twice a month, when he has a large dog or a cat as a “companion” that does not complain of appetite, then a small device will not be enough. Before the holidays, small refrigerators also “experience stress” from the load. Therefore, a spacious unit is always optimal. It’s another matter if such “liberty” is hampered by a small footage.

The dimensions of this equipment are selected in such a way that there are no obstacles to opening the door. Free access to the kitchen is the second necessary condition. Before purchasing, you need to assess the compliance of the external and internal usable volume of the refrigerator and freezer compartments. Sometimes a refrigerator that is massive on the outside, on the contrary, cannot boast of capacity on the inside.

The volume of the freezer compartment should be relatively large if the owners are accustomed to freezing not only fresh meat and fish, but also semi-finished products, herbs, vegetables, berries or mushrooms, and ice cubes. If a minimum of food is stored in it, then the freezer volume can be sacrificed in favor of the refrigerator compartment.

Indesit BIA 18

What can you say about the Indesit BIA 18 ? The first thing you should pay attention to is low power consumption. The device will be more economical in everyday life than previous models. Inside the refrigerator compartment, all solutions typical for this manufacturer are implemented. These are two separate boxes for greens, fruits and three shelves, adjustable in height, not counting one stationary one. I think the useful volume will be enough to store a supply of food for a week or a week and a half. Four balconies on the door will also help with this.

If we talk about the freezer compartment, everything is also standard - three drawers and an ice tray. This is all there is to it besides manual defrosting. The freezing power is not encouraging, of course, but the device will do for simple household needs.

In practice, you will receive the following benefits:

  • large useful volume;
  • The unit will cope with its main purpose - the products will be frozen and cooled;
  • economical operation - finally we see energy efficiency class A;
  • good internal filling + freshness zone;
  • design.

The disadvantages are:

  • inexpensive plastic is flimsy and emits an unpleasant odor the first time after starting the refrigerator;
  • easily soiled body, not resistant to wear;
  • I can’t call the operation of the device quiet - there will be clicks and an audible hum.

Video review of the refrigerator and its features in the video below:

Main characteristics of refrigerators

This type of household appliances is used not only in residential buildings and apartments. Any organization where people work cannot do without such equipment. This widespread demand explains the wide range of models. It is his fault that it is very difficult to choose a suitable model. There are devices with manual and automatic control, with different types of food freezing and chamber locations. Some models have displays.

However, despite the variety of characteristics, the dimensions of refrigeration equipment still remain decisive. The choice of the owners depends on the ability to “squeeze” a large model into the kitchen; a possible alternative is to send the device to a “link” - in the corridor.

Refrigerator sizes

The main dimensions are usually assessed: height, depth, width. All equipment can be divided into three types:

  1. Mini refrigerators. They can have either one or two cameras.
  2. Medium in size. These devices are often equipped with two cameras. They have a common door or a separate door for each compartment.
  3. Full size. This category includes large models - two-chamber. The compartments in them always have “their own” doors.

There is another classification of refrigerators, based on the region of production:

  • Asian, they are medium in size, with a not too large freezer located at the bottom;
  • American, they are made on a grand scale: the dimensions of the refrigerators are large, they are wider and higher than the usual standard ones;
  • European ones do not differ in width, have a height of more than 1800 mm, the refrigerator compartment is located above the freezer.

The dimensions of the products are very different; for this reason, determining the standard dimensions of a refrigerator can be very conditional.

Equipment parameters

The main indicator is height. It differs greatly, as it depends on the country of origin. In European countries these units have:

  • height 850-2000 mm;
  • depth 600 mm;
  • width 600 mm.

Based on height, full-fledged (large) equipment is divided into high (maximum 2500 mm) and small (1300 mm). Since different heights of refrigerators are not an exception, but a rule, these standard units have very different volumes - 300-800 liters.

There is another type of refrigeration equipment. It is used in offices, hotel rooms, cottages and homes. These are mini-refrigerators, often single-chamber. The height of such miniature structures is 500-1200 mm, the standard width is 500 mm. Capacity - 120-220 l. 4-60 liters are allocated for the freezer compartment, 25-140 for the refrigerator compartment. Their differences from larger models are the simplicity of the units and lower weight.

Advantages and disadvantages of the manufacturer

The manufacturer does not position its products as innovative. Here they try to pay more attention to ease of use and durability.

Among the advantages of standard Indesit refrigeration equipment, it is important to emphasize:

  1. A wide range of. You can choose from both compact and large models, the volume of which reaches 359 liters.
  2. Design. Details of household appliances are designed in a minimalist style. The color range is predominantly white, but there are models in silver, brown and gray.
  3. Low noise level.
  4. Long working life. According to consumer reviews, proper operation and care allows Indesit refrigerators to operate without breakdowns for 20-25 years.
  5. Low power consumption. According to the characteristics, all models of household appliances belong to energy consumption class B and higher.

It is important to point out several disadvantages that may affect the choice of device:

  1. Unpleasant plastic smell. This feature is present in most refrigerators of this brand. Over time, the smell becomes weaker and then disappears completely.
  2. During assembly, the manufacturer uses parts not from its own production, but from other companies. This leads to the fact that products of the same model may differ in operation.
  3. The occurrence of vibration. Some devices may vibrate during operation due to the characteristics of the compressor. Additional settings will help solve the problem.

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Standard refrigerator sizes

Now we need to separately consider all the indicators - height, width and depth.


This is the first characteristic that buyers pay attention to when choosing a model. The greater the height, the more voluminous and practical the model, especially for those kitchens in which the space is severely limited by the necessary furniture and other household appliances.

The standard height of full-size refrigerators is 1800-2100 mm. Within this interval there are aggregates that differ in “length” by literally a couple of centimeters. For example, there are models with a height of 1800 and 1820, 1880 or 1900 mm. These parameters have two-chamber units with two doors and a lower location of the freezer compartment.

The standard dimensions of a refrigerator in the middle category are 1300-1500 mm. For these models, the height does not change to the minimum values. In this case it is 1300, 1450, 1500 or 1550 mm. These devices may have one chamber or two, a common door or one for each compartment. The most popular models are equipped with a separate medium-sized freezer.

Mini-refrigerators can be single-chamber or double-chamber; the most common models have a height of 400-900 mm. Small bars - 400-500 mm, two-chamber models - 800-900 mm. The latest “kids” are sometimes equipped with a small freezer, but a separate opening door is usually not installed for it.


For small rooms this is the second important parameter. If the height is chosen based on the ease of use of the refrigerator, then the width is greatly limited by adjacent furnishings or walls. It is clear that the wider the refrigerator, the greater the amount of food you can “stuff” into it. The narrow space will not allow this.

The standard width of full-size refrigeration equipment is 600 mm, but a minimal change in size in any direction is allowed (5-10 mm). The internal space of such models makes it possible to place three three-liter jars or two pans, the width of which is 250 mm, in one row. The advantage of these refrigerators is the ease of storing a large number of containers of various sizes.

The width of medium-sized refrigerators is 500-600 mm. Narrow models designed for kitchens with limited free space are popular. The width of such structures is 500 mm. Non-standard equipment is distinguished by the most convenient dimensions: in devices with a top-mounted freezer, the width is significant - 800 mm. But such a design will not “fit” everywhere.

Miniature models are more compact, so they are easy to install in living rooms, bedrooms or offices. This is convenient if the owners need a set of chilled foods (fruits) or drinks that should be on hand at any time. The width of mini-refrigerators is from 400 to 500 mm.


This indicator is the distance between the front surface of the door and the protruding rear elements. These standard dimensions of a full-size refrigerator are 600-700 mm. Models with a smaller parameter are most in demand, since 600 mm allows the unit to be installed in kitchens with the same working surface depth. The maximum indicator is chosen by those whose apartment or house gives them the chance not to worry about the lack of space.

For medium-sized refrigerators, the standard depth is 500-600 mm. Often such equipment has the same depth and width. In this case, square shelves make it possible to conveniently place different products. Mini-refrigerators have a depth of 370-500 mm, but the internal volume is occupied by the compressor of compact models. This must be taken into account if the owners plan to buy a similar structure.

Depth is an important parameter, but the maximum value does not always guarantee ease of use. It is much more difficult to place food in the freezer compartments of such devices, which means that removing them will also be difficult.

Main malfunctions of Indesit refrigeration units and methods for eliminating them

When a refrigerator breaks down, every owner is faced with the problem of storing food. If in winter you can still cope with this, albeit in non-standard ways, then in summer it always causes severe panic. Don't despair: perhaps the breakdown in your case can be fixed by yourself. See below for information on how to do this.

Scheme of the Indesit refrigerator and its necessity

Thanks to knowledge of the refrigerator’s operation circuit and some subtleties, you can correct the problem in the electrical circuit.

The refrigerator diagram shows in detail to a master with electrical skills where each contact and electrical element is located. Thanks to its accurate image, it is possible to eliminate the most serious damage: violation of the integrity of wire switching, as well as problems with the control module.

Ways to solve the problem if the starting relay is broken

A breakdown of the start relay is a serious problem, accompanied by strong heating of the air in the refrigerator or freezer compartment. The relay is responsible for the activity of the compressor, which drives freon through the tubes. When an increased temperature is observed in the device during switching on, one may suspect flooding of the relay contacts or the presence of carbon deposits. Such problems can be solved by replacing mechanisms, but you also need to know the operating principle of the part. More on this in the video below.

Why does the freezer refuse to work?

Problems with the freezer may be due to the inability to defrost on its own.

If you notice ice stains in the freezer compartment, while the appliance has NoFrost technology, there is something wrong with the system. The following circumstances may cause performance problems:

  • If, when turned on, the freezer does not cool and does not freeze the loaded product, the relay may have failed or there is a refrigerant leak. With such a problem, experienced diagnostics of the device is required;
  • the presence of a snow coat or smudges indicates that the problem is in the capillary tube, namely its obstruction or deformation. This effect can also cause the tube to move from its correct location during transport.

Built-in fan malfunction: symptoms and solution

You can check the malfunction of the Indesit refrigerator fan by connecting it directly to electricity. If it doesn't spin, it's time to replace it with a new one. It also happens that in some mysterious way ice forms on it - if you remove it, the device will continue its full operation.

In this review, we have discussed the most popular questions regarding the selection of refrigeration units from Indesit, as well as the principle of their operation and possible problems. If you still have questions about this, be sure to ask them in the comments, we will be happy to answer them.

What influences the choice of refrigerator?

To select the optimal size of refrigeration equipment, take into account the following factors:

  1. The area of ​​the kitchen, its layout. For equipment, it is necessary to ensure correct operation and ease of use. Saving useful space in kitchens is almost always a necessity.
  2. Growth of people living in the apartment. It will be difficult for short adults to reach the upper shelves, so “skyscraper” models will not add comfort.
  3. A chance to integrate technology into a headset. In this case, you need to pay attention to narrow models, the depth of which does not exceed 600 mm.
  4. Type of flooring. Not every material can withstand the heavy weight of a structure. The weight should be checked with the sales consultant, because even with the same dimensions, the weight of the models may differ by 15-20 kg.

When placing the refrigerator, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • 50 mm is the minimum distance between the wall and the rear panel of the device, since only good ventilation guarantees its trouble-free operation;
  • the large width of the device means the same overall doors, but they should not interfere with the owners - make it difficult to pass when open.

Another rule concerns the proximity of refrigeration equipment to sources of elevated temperature. 500 mm is the maximum allowable distance from the refrigerator to the stove or radiator.

Refrigerators and their manufacturers

There are many models available on the Russian market, produced in different parts of the world. The most popular devices include equipment from Atlant, Bosch, Indesit, LG and Samsung.


This is a Belarusian manufacturer whose refrigerators have gained popularity due to the high quality of their products and their reasonable price. Atlant produces simple refrigerators without freezer compartments, full-fledged two-chamber equipment and freezers.

The most popular are full-size models with a height of 1800 mm and a width of 550 mm. Despite the relatively small size of the case, the volume of the refrigerator and freezer compartments of the models is sufficient for most families.

Medium refrigerators have a maximum height of 1500 mm, their width is usually 600 mm. The devices are equipped with a freezer located at the bottom, equipped with a separate door. These devices are ideal for small spaces.

The manufacturer has few small models. As a rule, these are refrigerators. The most compact devices have the following dimensions: height 400 mm, depth 470, width 485.


The famous German concern produces a line of refrigeration equipment equipped with two compressors. This is a traditional option with a bottom-mounted freezer and separate doors. The dimensions of the models do not differ in variety. Their height is 1850-2000 mm, depth 650 (exception - 630 mm), width - 600.

If buyers prefer to choose standard options, then they won’t have to worry about volume separately. The freezer capacity of the models is always the same: this parameter is 97 liters. The refrigerator compartment of lower models (1850 mm) has a volume of 228 liters. Department of “tall” models - 257 liters.

Bosch also has non-standard equipment. Its height is 1860 mm, depth 800, width - 900. The freezer is traditionally located at the bottom of the structure. Its volume is 140 l, the capacity of the refrigerator compartment is 476 l.


The model range of this Italian (since 2014 American) company mainly includes two-chamber models, full-size, with separate doors. These refrigerators do not use overhead handles, so the devices are compact. The difference between these models is the different sizes of the chambers: in some of them the volumes of the compartments are almost the same, in others the freezers are very small.

Standard dimensions of a large refrigerator: height from 1800 to 2000 mm, width - 600 mm. Medium models with a freezer compartment located at the top have a larger width: it is 700 mm. They are usually equipped with separate doors.

Small units from Indesit are quite wide for their small sizes (600 mm). Freezers are distinguished by large volumes, thanks to which the equipment is not only convenient, but also maximally functional.

LG and Samsung

Both companies from South Korea have long been well known for their reliable technology, so they do not need any special introduction.


This manufacturer produces a wide range of products, including large Side by Side designs. Large units have the following parameters:

  • height 1860, 1890, 1900 and 2000 mm;
  • depth - 660-690;
  • width - 595.

The width of some medium-sized refrigerators is 780 mm. Side by Side Dimensions:

  • height 1800 or 1890 mm;
  • depth - 740 or 770;
  • width - 910, 1200.

The smallest devices have very different parameters.

Review of the best models according to buyers

The mini-rating of Indesit refrigerator models is based on customer reviews.

SB 167

Old two-chamber model with electromechanical control and manual defrosting system. Total volume - 299 l, useful - 278 l. The design provides for a bottom location of the freezer. The refrigerator compartment with a volume of 195 liters has 3 shelves, which are made of metal grids. There is a compartment for vegetables and fruits, an egg stand, and an ice tray.

Energy efficiency class corresponds to standard B. Approximately 445 kW/h is consumed per year. The freezer compartment has a useful volume of 85 liters and has 3 drawers. The freezing capacity of the chamber is 4 kg/day. The climatic class of the unit is N. Dimensions in length, width and height are 167x60x66.5 cm, respectively. The noise level during operation does not exceed 39 dB.

DF 5200 W

Universal functional model with Total No Frost defrosting system. The chamber always maintains the desired temperature for different products, depending on the location at the top or bottom. Special shelves extend 7 cm to provide the user with easy access to products. Energy consumption class - A. When the power is turned off, the cold remains in the freezer for another 13 hours.

The model features electronic control with a Twin Touch touch display. The Push & Cool function is designed to instantly lower the temperature in the refrigerator. The total volume of the unit is 324 l, useful volume is 249 l. 3 shelves in the refrigerator compartment are height adjustable. There are 3 drawers for freezing food and drinks. Failures are indicated by acoustic and light signals.

SB 15040

Two-chamber refrigerator with automatic drip defrosting system. The main compartment has a capacity of 191 liters, the freezer has a capacity of 72 liters. The cooling circuit is common to both chambers. If the power goes out, the cold inside can remain for 15 hours. The freezing capacity reaches 5 kg/day. The energy consumption of the device complies with standard B.

The design provides for electromechanical control using rotary switches. There is an option for reversing the doors, with which the user can optimize the space in the kitchen. The freezer compartment with a capacity of 72 liters is located at the bottom. With standard dimensions in width and height (60 and 66 cm, respectively), the height of the unit is reduced to 150 cm.

IN CB 310 AI D

Built-in two-compartment refrigerator with bottom freezer. The total volume of the model is 273 liters. The freezer with a capacity of 67 liters can keep cold in autonomous mode for up to 15 hours. Defrosting the chamber is done manually. The main compartment with a volume of 206 liters has an automatic drip system.

Energy consumption corresponds to class A. Control is carried out mechanically using switches. The surfaces of the device are coated with a special antibacterial composition. The shelves in the refrigerator compartment are made of high-quality metal. The doors can be repositioned according to the user's preferences. Dimensions of the model: 180*54*55 cm.

DS 4160 E

Double-compartment refrigerator with bottom freezer. Energy efficiency class A will significantly reduce energy costs. The refrigerator compartment operates using an automatic drip defrosting system, preventing the formation of frost and ice on the internal walls. The total volume of the unit is 269 l, the freezer is 182 l, the main chamber is 182 l.

The refrigerator is equipped with 2 height-adjustable shelves in the upper compartment and 3 shelves on the door. The freezer has 3 food drawers. The department is capable of operating autonomously during a power outage for up to 15 hours. Freezing capacity - 4 kg/day. Control is carried out electromechanically. The maximum noise level during operation is 39 dB.

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